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The Gardener Metaphor And Its Education Reflection

Posted on:2015-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428998266Subject:Principles of Education
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There has been setting off a wave of criticism of the traditional gardener metaphor at present. People who support his kind of subversive speech do not understand the special nature of education metaphor deeply. Gardener theory is not examined objectively in a multicultural perspective. Analyzing gardener metaphor, we need to combine it with the history of education development and the reality of education practice. The allegations, history value and practical effect of gardener metaphor should be recognized objectively.The paper unscrambles the gardener metaphor mainly in the method of literature and theoretical analysis. Tracing back to the source of metaphor for gardener and analyzing its different education philosophies. Finally it is the reflection of the position of gardener role. The main text is divided into three parts:The first part is the interpretation of the basic concept. At first it sorts out the definition and value of metaphor and education metaphor. Besides it analyzes the definition of gardener. At last it explains the rationality of gardener metaphor.The Second part is the traceability and analysis of gardener metaphor. Gardener traceability includes two aspects:theory of intrinsic and treatment. Analysis of gardener metaphor mainly includes the interpretation of gardener as the natural guardian and the rational planner.The last part is the revelation of the gardener metaphor. It analyzes the rationality of gardener as the guardian of ecological education and positioning of the gardener role.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education metaphor, gardener, nature guardian, rational planner
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