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Fabrication Of Noble Metal Micro/Nano Array Building And The Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering

Posted on:2016-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R R FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2271330470484651Subject:Materials Physics and Chemistry
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Because of the unique structure and excellent physical/chemical properties, the noble metal micro/nano orderly array has a broad application prospect in photoelectric catalysis, biology, medicine and other fields. And because of its characteristics of adjustable/uniformly structure, it has extensive research and application in recent years acted as surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates in detection. With the increase of the prominent environment problem, the use of SERS to realize the rapid and accurate analysis of environmental pollutants has become problems and challenges for scientists. In this paper, using the orderly single-layer colloid crystal as a mask, we used the method of reactive plasma etching to etch and get the periodic arrangement template, then used electrochemical deposition to grow out of the 3D sliver nanoplate built hierarchical turreted micro/nano orderly arrays on the template by adjusting the experimental parameters. After that, we employed R6G as the probe, systemly analysed and researched the SERS performance of this structure, and then used this structure as SERS substrates to detect the trace amounts biological antibiotics (streptomycin sulphate). The main results were as follows:1. Using the reactive plasma etching method to get the hexagonally packed Si nanocones array on the masked silicon wafer, and then by the electrochemical deposition to fabricate the 3D sliver nanoplate built hierarchical turreted micro/nano orderly arrays on the cone array template. The structure is periodic arrangement, uniformity, adjustable morphology, high specific surface area, and could be a excellent SERS substrate.2. Researched the SERS effect of the 3D sliver nanoplate built hierarchical turreted micro/nano orderly arrays systematic by the detection of R6G Results shown that the noble metals micro/nano orderly array has an outstanding SERS effect. The detection limit of R6G could down to 10-16 M, with a very low detection limit. By calculating obtained the enhancement factor which was about 5.16 x 106. By the analysis of the mapping diagram, showed that this structure had an excellent reproducibility used as the SERS substrate, and the mapping diagram could reflect the periodic topography of the substrate. Using argon plasma cleaning could realize the basal repeated using. The array structure has wally stability, the substrate had a good SERS performance after placed one year later. And for long time placed substrates, could recovered its SERS performance by sputtering deposition Ag film on the surface.3. Realized the biological antibiotics (streptomycin sulphate) trace detection using the 3D sliver nanoplate built hierarchical turreted micro/nano orderly arrays as SERS substrate, and with 633nm wavelength excitation light source, also the detection limit could down to 10"9 M (≈1.457μg/kg), it’s could to realize the practical application of this structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:Noble metal micro/nano orderly arrays, Ag nanoparticles, Electrochemical deposition, Surface-enhanced Raman scattering, Trace detection
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