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Evaluation Of The Occurrence Regularity And Water Bursting Hazard Of Ordovician Limestone Water In Huang Yuchuan Coalmine

Posted on:2016-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2271330509950998Subject:Geological Engineering
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Water inrush from coal floor has always been the major coal mine safety issues which hydrogeology scholars for domestic, as well as international concern at.Because of their complexity and specificity, the research work has been a certain degree of progress, but it is still far from being enough. Water inrush of Ordovician limestone has characteristics of difficult to predict, no obvious precursor,instantaneous water is large,and great harn and so on. Therefore, research the occurrence regularity and water inrush risk assessment of Ordovician limestone water in Huang Yuchuan coalmine has great practical significance for put forward prevention and control of water measures in the future.Paper relies on the project of “Water inrush mechanism and control technology research of Ordovician limestone water in Huang Yuchuan coalmine” which by China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Xi’an Research Institute. In this paper as the main research object of Huang Yuchuan field, based on the data of geological and hydrogeological in the regional and mining field, guided by the following three band theory and the coefficient of water bursting theory,using the results of water quality laboratory within the minefield, to analysis the supplement, runoff and draining condition of Ordovician limestone water in the coalmine. Then a water flow system conceptual model is build with Visual Modflow and evaluating the hydrophobic drain down feasibility of Ordovician limestone water in the coalmine. And with 216up01 working face as geological prototype, using FLAC3 D numerical simulation software to simulate intuitively the development of floor’s fracture zone during the actual mining situation of working face, and summarizes the regularity of floor failure. Finally synthesize the findings, determinating and analyzing the main control factors to influence water inrush of Ordovician limestone with analytic hierarchy process(AHP) decision method, then partition the water inrush of Ordovician limestone.Through these various methods of analysis and research, evaluating the risk of water inrush of Ordovician limestone in Huang Yuchuan coalmine, and analyzing the the occurrence regularity of Ordovician limestone water in the coalmine. To provide technical reference for Huang Yuchuan coalmine and other mining carried pressure of coal mines in the Junger coalfield area.
Keywords/Search Tags:Huang Yuchuan coalmine, The occurrence regularity of water, The hydrophobic drain down feasibility, numerical simulation, Floor failure, analytic hierarchy process
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