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Research On Improved Algorithm Of Correlation Interferometer Direction Finding

Posted on:2014-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W D LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330452960921Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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Radio communication plays an important indispensable role in modern times,especially in the military field. Along with the progress of science and technologyon radio bandwidth demand increasing, to avoid interference in a limited radiofrequency bandwidth, efficient radio frequency management is necessary, and radiodirection finding and radio emitter positioning are key parts of the radio frequencymanagement. Radio emitter positioning by direction finding is employed in diverseareas such as military reconnaissance, radio spectrum management, wildlifetracking, traffic management, and emergency rescue, etc.This paper mainly studies the improved correlation interferometer directionfinding system which based on correlation interferometer direction findingalgorithm. Firstly, it introduces the basic concept of interferometer direction finder,composition of interferometer direction finding system, High frequency radio wavepropagation, radio position finding principles´╝îadvantages and disadvantages ofwide and narrow direction finding system. Comparison of the interferometerdirection finding algorithm with Doppler, mechanical rotary and Watson-wattdirection finding algorithm. It reaches a conclusion on the progressiveness ofcorrelation interferometer direction finding algorithm. Then, through the deepanalysis of correlation interferometer and angle of incidence, short baseline,signal-to-noise ratio and long baseline on the accuracy of direction finding errorinfluence, introduced the space angle, it converts two-dimensional azimuth andelevation calculation to one-dimensional calculation.Finally, it studies the influenceof antenna element spacing and signal frequency matching signal direction findingerror, and puts forward effective and accurate interferometer direction findingalgorithm, the accuracy and timeliness of correlation interferometer directionfinding is greatly improved.In this paper, through the simulation of correlation interferometer directionfinding algorithm, it analyses the factors affecting the accuracy of direction finding,obtains the experimental conclusion. This paper puts forward the improving way, itintroduces the concept of space angle, and the experimental results proves that theimproved algorithm can effectively improves the accuracy of direction finding.
Keywords/Search Tags:radio, direction finding, interferometer, space intersection
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