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A Study On The Family 's Intertemporal Consumption And Saving Behavior Considering Real Estate

Posted on:2014-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Stimulate domestic demand is very important in the new stage of economic development in China,especially for the household consumption.But the serious situation in china is that the savings rate is too high,in contrast,the consumption is too low.The mircroeconomic behavior which is the foundation of the macroeconomy is not connected with the macro economic aggregate,which lead to be difficult to reveal the essence of the macro problem.Consumption is an important part of aggregate demand.Its fluctuation affect the demand significantly.Reasearch on consumption and savings is helpful to explore some meaningful problem of the operation of macroeconomy.Household is our micro foundation of the economic operation.We are finding a mechanism of solution about intertemporal consumption,which can offer theoretical basis for economic policy.Compared with China and America,the structures of household investment have many differences.In the finanacial field,68percent in Chinese household is savings,but in America59percent is shares and pension,savings only occupy15percent.According to international experience and the development of financial market in China recently, participation in financial market of household will be more and more active in different ways.If investment portfolio changes, liquidity constraints of consumption function will be influenced. At the same time, China’s household income and wealth uneven impact on the situation of consumption and savings, and the presence of the phenomenon of high prices has affected the lives of family policy, real estate great family intertemporal consumption impact.Consumption theory stems from absolute income hypothesis of Keynes.Now it is widely known and applied in economic research.Life cycle model is used most frequently.Add the uncertainty and the budget constraint to the model based on it,In this paper, I summarize the development of the theory of household intertemporal consumption to make the internal relationship of them clear.I hope I can find the relation of factors in the household intertemporal consumptionThe main results of this paper is that family intertemporal consumption decision-making mechanism to comprehensively examine and make a qualitative analysis on the influencing factors of the household intertemporal consumption and intertemporal consumption decision for the family to build two baseline model, twomodel using dynamic programming method, reverse derivation method to solve. The innovation of this paper is the theoretical foundation of the family intertemporal consumption carding system; dynamic Ramsey model and a real estate family intertemporal consumption model.The shortage of the paper is that the algorithm of the model is not a complete programming and the programming of matlab is too difficult to realize. Besides, Parameter calibration due to the absence of the data is not normal.So I have a lot of things to get the further solution if I had dealed with such problems.I hope I was able to complete it.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intertemporal consumption, Life Cycle Hypothesis, Dynamic Programming Housing
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