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The Response Of Sheep Feeding Behavior And The Weight Gain Of Grazing Pressure

Posted on:2015-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Sheep feeding behavior is a kind of transition from the first productive force as thesecond main productivity process. Mainly animal husbandry in northern Xinjiang region,along with the increase in population and the development of the society, people’sdemand for livestock production increased, this situation leads to the excessive grazing,affect the weight of plant populations and sheep. Common study is through the change ofplant community under different grazing intensity investigation complete sheep feedingbehavior research. This study from different grazing intensity on sheep weight gain andfeed intake behavior and the research on the effects of feed intake, research to grasp thelocation of Xinjiang serious Qinghe county is given priority to, a similar problem in adifferent way to feed the sheep behavior and put on weight, weight gain and theindividual to find the sheep ha weight gain the best and plant community without toomuch interference is suitable for the local grazing intensity for the purpose. Our summerpasture in Altay region Qinghe county construction of the fence of different area,observed the sheep in different grazing intensity variety of feeding behavior changes,sheep intake and weight change. Test results as follows: a, sheep feeding time increasedwith the increase of grazing intensity showed a rising trend. Throughout the900min(grazing segment, light grazing, moderate grazing and two under heavy grazing sheepfeeding time was494.6min, an average of540min and567.7min,586min, the sheep ofruminant time followed by117min,88min,74min and56.5min, sheep andmaintenance time of255min and253min,238min and235.5min, standing, wanderingsheep time of14.83min and16.7min,18min,22min. Second, the same grass grazing,over a period of time due to the number of grazing animals different forage grass stillexist certain differences, be under light grazing capacity is higher (122.64g/m2), underheavy grazing intensity is low (84.17g/m2,84.17g/m2), to extend the sheep feeding timeto stand and walk time trend, and leads to sheep rumination and maintenance time isreduced. Three, with the increase of grazing intensity, weight gain per sheep’s averagedaily gain and ha are reduced, and because of the increase of grazing rate reduced thefloor standing crop, influence of grazing sheep, feeding, and the sheep rumination time reduced, will affect the nutrition intake, sheep feeding activities have often led to adecline in body weight gain.3sheep grazing intensity per hectare weight gain per hectarethan six sheep s,9and12sheep were significant, so we can say Qinghe county herdsmento the summer pasture grazing intensity per hectare3sheep grazing intensity, their sheepweight more obvious. Four, we do fence test at the same time use natural8sheep grazingconditions do the weighing test of grazing in12consecutive days average weight is2.1984kg, so each sheep’s weight0.0229kg/d, the daily gain effect in our enclosure of9and12sheep sheep/ha/hectares of grazing intensity on weight effect between, so we cancalculate Qinghe county of summer pasture grazing intensity is between9~12sheep/ha.The results not only have influence to improve the economic income of the herdsmenhome, on the grassland ecological environment has a great influence, and can achievegood economic effect.
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