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A Study On Jade And The Ideology About Jade Wearing Of The Han Dynasty

Posted on:2014-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2285330422974478Subject:Archaeology and Museology
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It is a prosperous period of Chinese jade history during the the Westernand Eastern Han Dynasty. In this more than four hundred years of timespan, the Han Dynasty Jade both in the type shape or in connotation isendowed with jade, there are a lot of rich. Appeared in the Han Dynastystyle and then contained jade jade culture, has the profound influenceto the later generation.The Han Dynasty ’s Baldric jade, with its variety, rich in connotationand seem to present a splendid sight. This article from the culturalperspective of appreciation, to the Han Dynasty baldric Jade in accordancewith its wear in different ways, divided into two categories ofindependent jade and combinatorial jade.Then According to the differenceof the specific shape,use the typology to classification research onjade.The Western Han Dynasty’s independent jade is divided into Bi(huan)、Huang(Heng)、Xi、Dancer、Dragon and Phoenix. The Western Han Dynasty’scombinatorial jade is divided into Bi(huan)、Huang(Heng)、Xi、She、Dragon、Chi and other. For the Eastern Han Dynasty Baldric Jade article discussesthe new characteristics of the Eastern Han Dynasty Baldric Jade appearance.This article choice of jade reference specimens, Basically isunearthed since the founding of new China. In order to make Baldric jadein Han Dynasty systematically.And this article combination of Ideological and cultural backgroundof Han dynasty, to discusses the specific reasons that arise the cultureof Baldric Jade and the particulari deology in it.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Han Dynasty, Baldric Jade, Independent jade, Combinatorialjade, Jade Culture
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