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The Humanistic Embodiment Of The Chamber Music Work "Jade" And The Reflection Of Chinese Jade Culture Thought

Posted on:2015-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper selections composer Mr. Zhu Jianer creation of chamber music "Jade" for thestudy, combined with jade itself nurtured meaning and spirit of this great chamber works ofmodern nation comprehensive and thorough research. Trying through a comprehensive, innovativeanalytical perspective restore composers and ways of thinking, from a variety of angles to revealthe works of creation Subject profound cultural connotation and thus appreciation and recognitionfor this work has a deeper level of understanding.The main contents of this paper focuses on the following aspects:(1)Forms of traditionalChinese and Western music composer combines concepts to analyze the structure of the wholework,comparative analysis and contacts, change and development among the various parts ofcreative ideas.(2)Pipa played by instrumental method and innovation specific acoustics and stringsection sound combination of angles, to reflect on the qualities of jade works be analyzed from theperspective of sound color.(3)"Jade" For the implication of the title reflects the ancient Chinesejade culture studies.(4) The abstraction and sound works jade culture combined with each other,on creative ideas and humanistic thought the whole work contains a comprehensive exploration.Hope from multiple angles have practical evidence-based analysis of this work, the composerfor creative ideas and a better idea of his work show up.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhu Jianer, jade, Pipa, the culture of jade, Humanities connotation
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