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Study On China-related News Translation Based On Foreignization And Domestication

Posted on:2016-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2295330461499402Subject:Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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With the rapid development of China, China has been increasingly exerted great importance on the world, and the world has been putting more and more focus on China. Considering the special and closely relationship between China and America, many China related reports can be found in New York Times, in which Chinese characteristics words(CCW) covering Chinese current development can better reflect cultural communication between the two countries, and it is regarded as one of the most effective ways for the world to learn more about China. During the communication, translation plays a key role as a bridge. As for the choice of translation strategy in each CCW translation,except considering the translation effect for readers, it is also influenced by historic tradition of the newspaper writing, formal function of cultural communication and different ideology etc.Based on the translation strategy of foreignization and domestication, the author chooses Chinese characteristics words translation in New York Times websites(2012-2013)as research samples to make a quantitative analysis and case analysis, concluding that the gradient continuum between foreignization and domestication is the most widely used translation strategy. The gradient continuum is a new idea put forward by domestic scholar Huang Yanchun in 2010. It indicates that domestic scholars tend to prefer the “unity of foreignization and domestication” rather than separation foreignization from domestication.In author’s view, the gradient continuum equals to “explanatory translation” and “China English” which were mentioned before by some domestic scholars. With detailed examples from New York Times website, the author makes a case analysis on the application of domestication, foreignization and the gradient continuum between domestication and foreignization. It is discussed that the gradient continuum has the following advantages: it can spread cultures of two countries; it also takes into consideration of reading habit and thinking way of the two target readers; it even can meet the readers’ curiosity about exoticculture. Except considering the translation effect for readers, the author also conducts an analysis on factors influencing widely use of the gradient continuum such as writing tradition of American newspaper and normally operation of cultural communication and different ideology etc.Finally, this thesis concludes that the gradient continuum between foreignization and domestication in CCW translation based on New York Times websites is the most widely used translation strategy. Meanwhile, the author predicts that it will be one of the most widely used translation strategies in foreign communication in the future. Indeed, the research introduced a creative point of the gradient continuum theoretically. Practically, it can provide the target readers a relatively objective perspective to understand the newspaper translation involved different cultures. Besides, this research is also useful for the adoption of translation strategy in Chinese English main stream newspaper, and it is meaningful for further study on related area.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foreignization, Domestication, Gradient continuum between foreignization and domestication, Chinese characteristics words(CCW), New York Times
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