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Infringement Remedy System Of Environmental Pollution Research

Posted on:2015-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422988969Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Currently, the global environmental pollution is worsening, and environmentalinfringement cases by the environmental pollution and destruction caused by thejudicial practice gradually occupy the majority of countries, and for relief due toenvironmental issues arising from the infringement has become a hot topic of concernto all countries。Environmental tort based pollution and damage to the environmentcaused damage to the ecological environment, resulting in damage to person andproperty of other people’s interests and environmental interests in a tort。With theacceleration of China’s current economic development, China is gradually speedingup urban industrialization process, which our country has caused tremendous damageto the environment, a variety of community due to environmental damage caused bythe infringement is gradually increasing, and in the present, because our legal systemis not perfect, environmental tort relief system also did not establish a sound, whichled to a number of environmental tort victim related rights protection is not in place。Thus, theory and practice are also in urgent hope to improve as soon as therelevant legal system of environmental tort relief, to comply with the sustainabledevelopment strategy, through the experience of other countries of the world relatedto mature legislative experience to gradually improve our own environmental tortrelief system, thus promoting the common development of China’s social andeconomic harmony with the environment。To this end, the establishment of an overallenvironmental tort relief system, the relevant regulations must be integrated methodof combing, and a sound system for supporting the full and effective implementationof environmental tort relief system has an important role in safeguardingIn this paper, a comprehensive analysis of research methods adopted andcomparative analysis,apart from the introduction and conclusion, is divided into fiveparts:The first part, through the concept and characteristics of environmental tort andenvironmental tort relief exposition, to understand the meaning and importance of environmental tort relief;The second part of the analysis of environmental tort reliefsystem in theory, seek theoretical support;The third part of the analysis andcomparison of foreign environmental tort relief system, in order to get inspiration andexperience to build the future of our environment tort relief system;The fourth part,pointed out that the current shortcomings and deficiencies of the existing institutionalenvironment tort relief;The fifth part of the Construction of environmental tort reliefsystem to provide some suggestions...
Keywords/Search Tags:Environmental tort, Environmental tortrelief, Environmental Rights, Sustainable Development
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