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China Commercial Trust-led Rural And Trust Legal Issues

Posted on:2015-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Our country is a big agricultural country, the rational use of landresources in rural areas, to achieve large-scale agricultural operations, isthe central government to solve the "three rural" core of the problem.Commercial Trust-led Land Trust as a new way to participate in landtransfer of rural land, is an effective way to promote land contract andmanagement rights norms circulation.This article describes the dominant type of commercial trust landtrust model, trust companies involved in commercial agricultural landtransfer not only to achieve economies of scale and improve land useefficiency, and give full play to the advantages and inherent system ofcomprehensive financial advantages of the trust. But Business Trust LandTrust is also facing many problems, such as collective ownership of ruralland subject is not clear, there is a dispute over the ownership of ruralland use rights of rural land transfer procedures are not standardized, ruralland evaluation system has not been formed, the main difficulties infinancing agricultural operations and dependent on government subsidies.In this paper, the problems of land trusts, collective land ownershipsystem from the build, regulate rural land contracting right to establishthe value of evaluation system of land contract and management rights onagricultural operations and other aspects of the body to carry out due diligence given legal measures, while " Land Management Law "," RuralLand Contract Law "on rural land put forward a sound proposal,developed the idea of" land trust law." Finally, the paper proposed theidea to build Land Trust Bank, the proposed rural land to cultivate trustintermediary organizations, to better serve the rural land developmentnorms.
Keywords/Search Tags:Business Trust, Land Trust, Land contract andmanagement rights
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