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Research On The Legal Issues Of Land Trust In Rural China

Posted on:2016-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the existing methods of land transfer begins to show their drawbacks, land trust, a brand new way of land transfer, is becoming more and more prevalent in the market due to its unique advantage. Compared to assignment and other traditional patterns, land trust is more likely to achieve large-scale agricultural operation and peasants' profits. In the development of socialist market economy in China, the role of land trust will be of great importance.The land trust program in Suzhou is the first land trust in Anhui Province. The uniqueness of this program lies in the participation of trust companies. However, due to the fact that there exist no professional trust institution that only deals with issues related to agriculture, the performance of trust companies as trustees remains uncertain. Problems remain unresolved in this new land transfer program, for instance, the ownership of trust property, the deficiency of trust registration. The current situation results in an urgent need of research concerning land trust. Related laws and the trust system need to be improved to make sure this new land trust program to be carries out successfully. The success of land trust programs is of vital importance to the process of agricultural modernization and urbanization in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Trust, Land Trust Program in Suzhou, Trust Property, Trust Registration
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