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The Research Of Regional Administrative Agreement Under The Background Of Economic Integration

Posted on:2016-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330461462307Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Under the background of economic integration, regional administrative agreements emerged in order to resolve conflicts between the regional administration and the regional economy, which aims to achieve coordinated development of regional governments. Though regional administrative agreements are widely used, they are still lack of theoretical research because scholars pay less attention to it. Therefore theoretical research can not meet the actual needs. At the same time, our law has not made the specific stipulation to it as it is a new kind of government behavior. Thus, there are many problems considering the application of regional administrative agreements to practice. The author pointed out the problems that exist in the aspects of regional administrative agreements concluded main body, concluding procedure, the execution of the agreement, the contents of the agreement and validity of the agreement and other issues from the practice of the Pan Pearl River Delta. Then the author put forward some suggestions of perfecting Regional Administrative Agreements which could be applied to a wider range based on the analysis of those problems.This article includes five parts:The first part introduces the background of the regional administrative agreement and explain that the regional administrative agreement is the rational choice of practice. Economic integration is the direct cause of regional administrative agreement. On one hand, economic integration calls the coordinated development of regional economy. On the other hand, the established administrative divisions which have their own regional interests hinder the development of economy. People created the regional administrative agreement through practice in order to overcome this obstacle. The second part introduces the theory analysis of the regional administrative agreement. This part mainly expounds the connotation and characteristics of regional administrative agreement. And on this basis, its definition is given to its properties. Then it analyses the effectiveness of the regional administrative agreement from two aspects. One is the effectiveness to the main body and the other one is the effectiveness to the public in this area. The third part introduces specific applications and problems existed about Regional Administrative Agreements in practice. This part mainly analyzes the realistic conditions about Regional Administrative Agreements of the area of extensive bead triangle. The author concludes a few problems in practice by expanding from the main body, conclusion mechanisms, the contents of the agreements and the performances of the agreements. The forth part uses the experience of other countries for reference. We can draw lessons from the successful experience of foreign countries during improving the regional administrative agreement system because of the insufficiency of domestic theory research. This section mainly studies American interstate agreement and Spanish administrative agreement system in order to learn successful experience from them.The fifth part introduces suggestions for improving Regional Administrative Agreements. The author put forward the way to regulate the regional administrative agreements so as to make regional administrative agreement more perfectly by learning foreign experience on the basis of the regional administrative systems present situation the summary of the problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic Integration, Regional Administrative Agreement, Regional Administrative Agreement Conclusion, Dispute Resolution Mechanism
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