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The Metamorphosis Of Lei Feng In The New Century

Posted on:2016-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W T ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330461956302Subject:Political science and politics
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Lei Feng,well-known in china,who is on behalf of the ideology of the socialist countries,is one of the most perfect civilian heroes established by the Chinese Communist Party in China early days. Since the beginning of the 1960’s, "Lei Feng Diary" and hundred of his life portrait and other rich image information was remembered,and his stories was reported, adapted and artistic created..Therefore, the image on Lei Feng became the historical evidence political reform and social development of China, especially it witnessed political indoctrination methods with Chinese characteristic, namely ideology. By observing the changes in the Lei Feng image of the new century, and analysing the change of social and cultural background of Lei Feng image, and then exploring the history and current status of Lei Feng as the state ideology, we can see Lei what enormous challenges the ideology faces when the rise of popular culture, wave of consumerism and social diversity of the great changes come to us. The last argument of contemporary Lei Feng image is deformed ideological narrative:reconstruction, acquisition and digestion. I will propose in a new era of reconstruction of ideology,spreading mode can not simply rely on a top-down implementation of state power, but the importance of respecting the public under a variety of ways to miss affair relying on traditionally cultural products and the mass media to promote bottom-up; ideology of expropriation is to show the economic expansion and penetration of the eye consumerism below; digestion of ideology through public skepticism which Lei Feng image generated cause ideological aversion and contemporary cultural nihilism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Lei Feng image, ideology, political culture
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