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Analysis On The Constitutive Elements Of The Crime Of Bribery

Posted on:2016-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464957381Subject:Criminal Law
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As a typical form of Duty type in crime,the crime of bribery is the crime which has the characteristic to violate the integrity of national public officials from office.The crime not only with serious harm to the society but also harm to the state.Especially with the rapid development of the economy, property have more and more attractive to people.And it is easy to capture the national public officials who have the public power.Then the national public officials are more likely to seek individual’s right throught the public power.So the crime of bribery is become more and more serious in the national public officials and the crime of bribery also show different status,like: a diversity of bribery associated,the new means of the crime of bribery and the complexity of getting unfair advantage and so on. Although China’s criminal legislation and related legislative and judicial interpretation has many provisions to the crime of bribery, however, because the diversity and specificity and complexity and importance of the crime of bribery, there is a lot of controversy in the theory and judicial sectors of the crime of bribery,especially the constituent elements of the crime of bribery.As to the constituent elements of the crime of bribery,this article attempts a combination with theory and practice on analysis and discuss the four constituent elements of bribery 一 the subject,subjective elements, object and objective elements. And hope that we can more accurately understand and grasp the crime of bribery.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bribery, subject, Subjective elements, object, Objective elements
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