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On The Legislation Improvement Of The Right To Land Contractual Management Circulation

Posted on:2015-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467477324Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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There are so many problems in our current rural land contracting right of management circulation process, so that the farmers’ interests phenomenon is serious. There are many causes of the phenomenon, but the fundamental reason lies in the collective ownership of rural land ownership system and the existing legislation is not perfect, the exercise of the collective land ownership is difficult to operate and norms, the collective ownership is often reduced to village level organizations, and even a few leading cadres of the private, resulting in real life people many farmers lack the sense of ownership, not a correct understanding of collective ownership of land, violation of that in real life the interests of farmers are often subject to village level organizations, government and other power. Thus, the existing system of land rights legal system has been unable to solve the contradictions and disputes in the current land use, can not be good to protect the land rights of farmers, so we need an effective system to solve the problem from the root, the system is the land development right system, it is the main content in this paper the. From the perspective of land development rights, land circulation is a kind of way of doing of land development rights and the specific embodiment, land value-added income reflects the development of land value-added benefits, the protection of the rights and interests of farmers in land circulation is to the land development rights protection. However, China’s current legal system does not exist in this type of land development rights of land rights, the lack of land development right system to enable farmers to the land development of value-added interests involved in the sharing of the lack of legal basis and institutional guarantee. Land development right is to improve the existing system of collective land ownership structure and content updates, it and our existing land use control system integration can effectively resolve the current land use conflicts and disputes, the balance of national interests and personal interests, realize the fair and reasonable benefit distribution.
Keywords/Search Tags:transfer of contracted land management rights, land development rights, theprotection of the interests of farmers
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