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British Venture Capital Trust

Posted on:2014-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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British venture capital investment (VCTs) refers to a kind of industrial investment fund that gathers not specific investors to raise money for the investment fund in the way of selling fund share units as the benefits of the fund holder. It is invested by administrative organizations and experts with expertise and experience with investees of small and medium-size enterprise from the start-up stage and invests by means of asset portfolio. Venture Capital Trust is not only an innovative investment tool, but also a new-type financial system.Under the guidance of the credit theories and principles of Das Kapital, this article is going to analyze the feasibility of establish the Venture investment trust system in our country. The whole article is divided into five parts, including Overview of Marxism-credit theory, Introduction to the theory of trust, the basic theory of the British Venture Capital Trust Fund, Specific provisions of British venture investment trust, and our use for reference of it.Chapter one:Overview of Marxism-credit theory. Introduce the credit theories and principles in three sections, Marx’s credit meaning, credit function, and the influence of the credit theory on trust system. The trust system originates from England, and during the process of its formation and development, credit has played an essential role in it. Credit is the basic principle under the conditions of a market economy and an important guarantee of trust development.Chapter two:Introduction to the theory of trust. In this part, I’ll expound the trust system in the aspects of its origin, connotation, formation and the advantages in business. Trust means that based on the trust of the trustee, trustors entrust their property rights to the trustee and the trustee will administer or dispose the property by relying on the wishes of the client’s, and in his own name, for the interests of the beneficiaries or for specific purposes. Based on its unique advantages (independence of trust property), Trust has occupied an important position in the field of international finance.Chapter3:The basic theory of the British Venture Capital Trust Fund.This chapter introduces the market condition and related legislation of the British Venture Capital Trust. It is divided into three parts, the legal definition of the British Venture Capital Trust, the advantages of the British Venture Trust and the way of achieving the British Venture Capital Trust. The birth of the Venture Capital Trust Fund (VCT) arises from the release of the ’Financial Services Act of1995’in June,1995, the main purpose of which is to develop a kind of investing tool listed in the London Stock Exchange, so as to encourage personal investigation towards small scales enterprises or unlisted industrial enterprises to help them develop. Although the risk is much higher since the fund can only be used to invest in small enterprises in newly establishing stage, it have a great positive social influence on helping the development of small enterprises and technologies, so the government encourages the development of VCT through tax incentives. The number of the VCT, as long as they meet certain conditions, can obtain the tax exemptions of Dividend income tax, capital gains tax and other income tax.Chapter4:The specific rules of Venture Capital Trust system in England. From microcosmic perspective, it analyses the rules of establishment, operation, alternation, revocation and termination of the British venture investment, which includes three parts, the type of organization, risk-control mechanism and withdrawal mechanism of British venture investment trust. In British Trust Law, the establishment of trust is to the interests of the trustee. According to the provisions of the trust documents, trustees manage and disposes the trust property for the benefit of beneficiaries. After setting up Trust, neither the court nor the parties to the trust could alter or end the trust arbitrarily, unless otherwise specified in the trust documents. It is of great importance for us to detailly analyse the specific rules of Venture Capital Trust system in England from which we can use for reference to our venture capital trust.Chapter5:The reference of British venture investment trust system. This chapter discusses the construct of our Venture trust system in two aspects:The current situation and the dilemma of the development of trust industry in our country, and the British business trust system reference. The Trust industry in our country has the development history of over30years from the reinstatement in1979. In2001, the promulgation of Trust Law laid a legal foundation for our country to develop the trust industry. In2007, the new The measures for the administration of the trust company and Trust the measures for the administration of the trust plans of assembled funds were promulgated and implemented by CBRC(China Banking Regulatory Commission). The two rules explicited the trust company’s functional orientation as wealth management agency, amd laid the system foundation for the trust industry to realize reinvent and scientific development. In the face of the new development situation, the trust industry in our country also should accelerate transformation of the original business model, and strategically transfer to professional financial institutions. The import of the Venture trust system can provide effective ways for secondary transformation of trust industry, and finance private small and medium-sized enterprises so as to promote rapid development of economy.
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