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The Research On The Problem Of "Land Finance "of Local Government In The Vision Of The Land Development Right

Posted on:2015-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330467977296Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Since the ancient times, through the looking at development in most countries in the world, we can realize the modernization process in different countries, mostly following in the same pattern from rural society to city development by urbanization, agricultural produc-tion mode of the transition to the industrial society, that is to say, the course of national modernization is industrialization and city and into the and, the industrialization and city change in the actual development process is intertwined, not the eparation. It is worth emphasizing that, in the process of modernization, the financial system plays a critical role, but the financial system is based on property right system, so we can say, property rights system in the world, most countries in the development process of modern play can not be substituted for. You know, any country, region from countryside to city transition, the transition from agriculture to industry, will inevitably cause the land rights and interests change, which is to realize the real city must face the problem, it is must be solved, otherwise not only can not achieve real city, and may lead to new contradiction. So, how to realize the traditional agricultural land use change to modern non agriculture land, the maximum allocation of land rights and interests, will come very naturally become the core problem in the process of city.For a long time, a topic that people most commonly discussed is the real estate, in fact, as early as the beginning of the ninety’s of the last century, a series of national economy mainly to real estate began the rapid development, including a series of real estate development, investment in housing, business, management, repair list of industry, which makes the land by increasing demand, the value produced by the land more and more, which is a huge amount of land leasing Bibi. Huge land leasing has become each local government the most efficient way to raise revenue, making China’s local governments to land more and more dependent. In some small citys,and even in the development zones, the land leasing revenue even accounted for more than half of the total fiscal revenue.The reason, mainly lies in the extensive use of land in our country, local government excessive dependence on land revenue at the same time, there is no perfect the corresponding management system of land development rights. Although, in our local povnrnmeni excessive dependence on land revenue problems unresolved cases, legal, political, social and other aspects of the efforts and thinking of the corresponding, also made some changes, but our country local government excessive dependence on land leasing, the land revenue act has not yet significant improvement. You know, land finance total water source exhaustion of a day, long-term dependence on land revenue impossible. Therefore, only based on the view of land development right, present situation, reason of our existing Russian local government land financial problems of thorough and meticulous analysis, to really find out a way of current city excessive dependence on land revenue problem, in order to eliminate the land finance in our country socialist city urbanization and the formation ofthe harmonious development of adverse effects.Therefore, this article to introduce the land development rights system in China, based on the full analysis of a large number of problems and hidden dangers exist in our country on the land finance, analyzes the reasons and historical problems, think again, put forward reasonable improvement suggestions, mainly from the following aspects:first, through to break the local government monopoly of land, reduce the dependence on the local government; second, through the reform of the taxation system, a reasonable division of local government and financial power; third, the change of personnel assessment system of local government, reduce the blind, extensive use of land; fourth, through the introduction of property tax, the realization of China’s local government long term and land finance transformation, finally promote the construction of socialist harmonious society in China’s long-term development.
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