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Study On Management Of Urban Land

Posted on:2005-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125965008Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The revolution of urban land use reform is a profound one from concept, theory to system. After self-questioning maladies of the traditional system of land utilization, people realize the value of land and acknowledge the existence of land rent. The urban land is not only a sort of resource, but has the characteristic of capital. The urgent problem is to fulfill the capital value of urban land well, as an efficiency mechanism for urban land resources disposal is needed. So the management of urban land becomes necessary choice to reform the land use system and fulfill the capital value of urban land. The management of urban land, mentioned in the thesis, is a process from exploitation on urban land to gain by land bargain or other forms. The thesis is written from the point of government view.The great achievements of the management are perfectly obvious. Up to nowadays, however, we still can not tell it be successful, many problems in reality ,such as the system of laws and regulations not perfect, the relation of distribution not smooth, the mode of management not standard, the form not flexible and so on, require us to make a further study, probe and resolve, in order to perfect the system of utilizations of urban land and achieve "three win" between government ,businessman and common people ,which will embody the superiority of state-owned system of urban land.Based on current achievements and in view of existing problems, the article focuses on the study of management of urban land, and puts forward some theories, viewpoints or methods .This article consists of five sections.The first section includable the chapter 1 and chapter 2 mainly introduce the concept and present of management of urban land. The chapter 1 analyses the object, main body, target, background and expatiate its relationship with the management of city .the chapter 2 analyses the insufficiencies and reason of current system from land use structure, land supply, land gain.The second section mainly make a choice on the mode and system .the chapter 3 confirm the different degree and effect of government and market, by comparing plan with market in mechanism for urban land resources. The model of urban land management includes city planning, land development, land supply. Government mainly leads all.The third section include chapter 4 and chapter 5, practice in management of urban land .the chapter 4 introduce present of city planning, use for reference of experience of USA, advise to current city planning combined with land economics .the chapter 5 is "the land purchase for reserve system"(LPRS). It discusses the problems through comparison and summary in LPRS, and makes some suggestion from the point of view of law, monopolistic exploitation and department harmony.The four section include chapter 6,the gain in management of urban land ,introduce its proceeds, discusses the regulations and improvements to existing system, especially expound affection to proceeds after property tax beginning .The fifth section, Chapter 12, table a proposal to local governs.Due to the beginning stages of management of urban land in both theoretical and practical sides and the writer's limitation of understanding and ability, it's hard to avoid some flaws in the thesis, please feel free to make a comment or criticism. Thank you.
Keywords/Search Tags:Management of urban land, City planning, Land purchase for reserve system, Land rent, Land tax, Property tax, Land development, land supply
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