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Research On The Residential Surveillance System

Posted on:2016-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Criminal procedure system is the procedural protection in the rule of law society. Compulsory measures which used in criminal procedure relate to the citizen basic right of personal freedom, whose importance is self-evident. Residential surveillance system was generated in a special historical environment, making it a unique system of our country, which represents humanistic care in China’s traditional Confucian thoughts, and is suitable for Chinese conditions. Along with the related reform, its function has gradually clear. This research based on the new Criminal Procedure Law revised in2012, by means of abundant investigations; hope to find further the forms and methods to improve residential surveillance system, in order to improve its power for fighting against crime and protecting human rights.This research makes a rational analysis with theory dialectical method, comparative research method and empirical analysis method, etc. Focus on the development process of China’s surveillance system and the problem in its practice and theory. The first part of this paper briefly introduces the important significance of residential surveillance as a kind of criminal compulsory measures, and the study on this issue from domestic scholars, and put forward the general train of thought of the research. The second part of the research analyzes the connotation and characteristics of residential surveillance, then described its location in our compulsory measures system. The third part of the research puts a detailed review of the emergence and development of residential surveillance system, especially two disputes about its abolition, which then leads to further optimization. The fourth part of the research summarizes the improving methods of residential surveillance in the reference of foreign related system. The fifth part of the research analysis the shortcoming of the system, and puts forward specific suggestions. A reform direction is given at the end of the article, which is combining the trend of the development, with a scope of human rights, by the means of science and technology; constantly strengthen the effect of residential surveillance on people’s subsidiary rights.
Keywords/Search Tags:Residential surveillance, Criminal Procedure, Compulsory Measures, Human Rights Protection
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