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Reseach On Improvement Of Government Regulation In Construction Of Tibetan And Qiang Culture Industry In Sichuan Province

Posted on:2015-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330473950612Subject:Administrative Management
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Nowadys, when talk about today’s world economic development Cultural Industry can never be forgotten. Regionally speaking, the development of cultural industry is becoming the the core, most durable, most irreplaceable and competitive advantage in the local economic construction. In respect of constructing of the“Sichuan, Tibetan and Qiang culture industry”, the implement of government regulations is the key in order to turn the resource advantages into economic advantage.Firstly, theory of cultural industry and government regulation are reviewed in this article. In this article, summary of achievements in government regulations in the construction of the “Sichuan, Tibetan and Qiang culture industry” in recent years will be given based on studying information and literature.Due to the reasons such as role of government regulation is not clear, decentralized complex, professionalization is still not enough, which lead to certain irrationality on the regulation of the principle body. The current situation points out that relevant laws and regulations are complex, no specialized law provides a clear specification to the cultural industry. Meanwhile,the legal system is imperfect, the regulations are not perfect in development. In the process of regulation, the defects of government behavior is too direct, lack of macro regulation and associated with the overall means relatively lag behind. As result, the above mentioned reasons make regulation defect in certain extent.Secondly, this article brings hypothesis based on above questions, and suggests that improve the cultural industry government regulation by the means of change the behavior subject, and apply further implement and improve the cultural industry government regulation legal system, along with integrated and coordinated use of government various means of regulations.Finally, bring up arguments according to the three hypothesis. By combing through the specific situation of the culture industry in developed country government regulation, then conclusion is drawn according to the specific conditions and characteristics of cultural industries in China. In perfecting the regulation subject, from direct management to strategic management the government’s role transformation shall be completed. Cultural industry regulation mechanism through the establishment of a special independent and strengthen their professional sound body regulation current. Also the regulation body should pay attention to guarantee the regulation subject from law and policy. In the implementation and improvement of the law system of regulation, should be fully grasp the laws and regulations, formulates the reasonable government regulations,and the development of cultural industries and flexible use of discretion of reasonable administration. This requires the government to sum up good experience, the existing comprehensive understanding of specific characteristics and set up perfect information communication channel. To perfect the regulation means, to change the regulation, the establishment of appropriate intervention principle, Also government should provides financial support and strengthen the social regulation is needed. Use of laws, policies to give regulation behavior subject, proper authority, to give full play to its function, clear responsibilities, strengthening security system, create a good environment to make the regulation means effective.
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