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The Law Research On The Accounting Information Disclosure Of Chinese Internet Companies Listed In The United States

Posted on:2016-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Accounting information disclosure is the basic way for public investors to understand the company’s business, and the reference standard for the investors to make rational investment. With the growing of the domestic companies listed in the United States, the legal issues related to the accounting information disclosure gradually emerge and hinder the domestic companies to list in the overseas. The main problems in accounting information disclosure are untruthfulness, incomplete, inadequate and not in time, which have caused group litigation, forced delisted and financial and credit crisis make the Chinese Internet Companies serious fall in share prices, and damage the image of China in the international capital market. Therefore, regulate the behavior of accounting information disclosure which releases in the overseas, and improve the quality of accounting information disclosure to protect the interests of investors, which is the important problem to be solved.The main content of this paper is closely around the Chinese Internet companies listed in the U.S. which faced the legal issues caused by the accounting information disclosure and the reasons were discussed. This article is divided into five parts: the first chapter is about introduction of the writing significance, domestic and foreign literature review, and research methods used in this article. The second chapter is about the legal system of the accounting information disclosure in the USA. The third chapter refers to the present situation and the problems of the accounting information disclosure which the Chinese Internet Companies listed in the United States have met. The fourth chapter tries to analysis the reason why the Chinese Internet Companies disclosure the accounting information illegally. The fifth part is the proposal to improve the behavior of accounting information disclosure of Chinese Internet Companies listed in the USA.
Keywords/Search Tags:Accounting Information Disclosure, Legal Risk, Securities Class Action, Internal Control
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