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The New Three Board Market Legal System Research

Posted on:2017-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The new three board in Chinese market is an important part of the capital market, the new three board market launch is the development of China’s multi-level capital market, optimize the capital structure and function. New three board market can be listed on the main board, SME board, the gem of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide the transfer of shares, raise the financing platform and provide guide small and medium-sized enterprises(SME) training services, promote the small and medium-sized enterprise governance structure optimization, help improve the company’s information disclosure system and supervision system. On the other hand, for those delisting from the motherboard, small plates, the gem of the enterprise, when the new three board will soon wither, lend a helping hand, hope to accept to help businesses have the ability to recover. To explore the causes, development of relevant legal system is not perfect three seriously hindered the healthy and orderly market committee.The main purpose of this paper is to reform and improve the current legal system, on China’s new Sanban market current legal issues of comparative analysis and learn from western experience in mature capital market, so that the legal system of our country’s new third board market to improve the establishment of idea and concrete measures. This paper will stand in the perspective of the multi-level capital market to perfect the new three board market, the significance of the legal system. Using comparative analysis method, classifies the place in the process of the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries in the construction of the OTC market should learn, to perfect the legal system of the new board in China can learn from the experience research and inductiveThe three committee system legal system in a limited period, investors access to the system or transmission system(usually the exchange trading system in order to distinguish, the transfertrading system is called the new three board, can not effectively guarantee the healthy operation of the new three board market is not conducive to the prosperity and development of the new three board market. In addition, the new three board market did not establish the reasonable orientation of the pension system and the rotary plate to upgrade the system, limiting the financing channels listed companies, is not conducive to play it as a main board, gem market incubator reservoir function in the new three board Market China’s new three board market analysis of current legal experience and draw lessons from foreign mature capital market, and puts forward the new three board Marke related legal system perfecting Suggestions. such as the lack of market access system; lack of information disclosure system; lack of supervision system and plate system is not perfect, and so on. Finally, in view of theabove law clearly three market problems, put forward the idea of the construction of related systems In this paper, in order to achieve the purpose of the study, this study mainly from five aspects: the first chapter, the background, significance, research status and innovation of this paper are summarized. In the second chapter, the origin.The third chapter analyzes the current legal system, China three new market committee three board of legal system of the study of China’s lack of solid foundation. The fourth chapter, through the legal system of the foreign mature capital market three market analysis, summed up the relevant legalPractice of the development and theory of the guidance are inseparable, as China’s capital market, three new board in the future, there will be a long way to go. Three new board market is a kind of multi level capital market of our country, its existence has its irreplaceable role. It not only easy to quickly establish a close relationship and complementary complete multi-level market system, and the capital market of our country will be to create a paradise for the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, to cultivate their rapid growth, create a healthy, excellent financial environment, driven by the rapid growth of the national economy.
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