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Christian House Church Institution Of Marriage

Posted on:2017-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The house church institution of marriage, as one of the most important aspect in the house church system, highlights and reveals the many important principles and rules of the house church. Therefore a research on the house church institution of marriage can help us understand the house church community and provide a window to its law and culture. In this paper, in addition to preface and conclusion, the text includes four chapters:The first chapter sorts out the development situation of the house church, as well as that of the marriage institution which corresponds to the development of the house church, using the perspectives of acquiesced rules and the perspective of the norm to analyze and define the house church marriage system.The second chapter reports on the field study of M Town in Shandong Province. The church’s faith structure, organizational structure, modalities and content is described and analyzed. The house church wedding ceremony is used as a starting point to analyze the symbolic meaning of marriage and the effect of regulation on house churches, and the adherence to the principle of indissolubility of marriage is being focused upon.The third chapter introduces the view of Protestant marriage, upon this foundation, the traditions of the Protestant institution of marriage and the self-innovation that takes place in accordance with the unique practice of the house church institution of marriage are being described.The fourth chapter describes the functions of the house church institution of marriage in a practical sense; it then describes the relationship and interaction between state law and the house church institution of marriage; finally, the deficiencies of the current divorce settlement system, and the possible benefit of the house church institution of marriage toward a better divorce settlement system will be analyzed.
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