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The Study On The Phenomenon Of The People’s Physical Under The App Way

Posted on:2017-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since 2010, smartphone favoured by more and more consumers are now more people a "joy", the innovation of science and technology make mobile applications installed on the phone-App rise, along with all this also complied with the era of "Internet +". At the same time, the high-speed development of social economy makes people’s life rhythm speeding up, work pressure increases, the emergence of irregular work and rest, unhealthy diet and exercise are not frequently, caused the people again attention to physical health, promulgated in 2014 "about speed up the development of sports industry, promote the sports consumption of several opinions is the national fitness up to national strategy. Nowadays most popular App and public fitness, whether can organic combination, mutual confluence produces effect? For the national fitness to provide feasible Suggestions that are in accordance with the time development, it is also the author study of hope.This article USES the literature material law, questionnaire survey method, field survey and interview method, mathematical statistics, based on the related theory of the phenomenology. On the phenomenon of the App mode public fitness analysis, specially in Changsha, 300 randomly selected "splash" user investigation, found with App for public fitness user younger age, education degree and bachelor degree or above accounted for 74.4% of the participants for students or have a fixture, a steady income.App for public fitness has extremely profound influence: promote active attitude formation, inspire people fitness, improve public fitness skills, to change the public fitness way, in the city fast, working pressure, narrow social circle of social environment, the App under the way of people exercise not only promotes the people to develop good exercise habits, also relaxed mood, release the pressure, to broaden the network.But it has its disadvantages: single content, how to measure is given priority to, and homogeneity phenomenon seriously, the age limit obviously insufficient, the software itself, it need government regulation, the innovation of the developers, the user’s real evaluation. In App at the same time under the way of public fitness with comfortable, since the group, since the d form, lack of constraints. Need to strengthen guidance, to standardize the organization, form a kind of new system, which provide new ideas for the national fitness.Because my energy is limited, and the App and public fitness in one study of literature is not much, in this paper in the process of writing, some aspects is also insufficient, hope in the later work life, can be more in-depth understanding, research under the background of the new era of App and public fitness.
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