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Research On Learning Efficiency Analysis And Association Rules Mining Of Knowledge Points

Posted on:2017-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330485470804Subject:Software engineering
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The rapidly developing information technology has now been well applied in vari-ous industries. The application of technologies like learning management systems (LMS), Web 2.0 and mobile Internet are pushing the education informationization to the next stage. Those new technologies make a more effective and efficient education, and gen-erate a great amount of learning data which has a incredibly growth rate. How to work with the learning data, exploit the value in it has now been brought into focus of re-searchers.Based on the project of "xAPI Standardized Learning Management System", the author did some research works of learning analytics:designing and implementing the learning record system (LRS) and the mobile app which generates xAPI learning records, proposing the learning efficiency analysis model and association rules mining model of knowledge points which can provide suggestions and hints to learners for improving the learning experience and efficiency.The main work of this paper is introduced below:1. The implementation of xAPI and learning record acquisition:Gathering learning data of e-learning learners is the precondition of learning analytics. The data can be generated as either unstructured data or structured data. There are various standards specifying the structure of structured data, the xAPI standard is one of those and applied in the LMS of this paper. This paper illustrates the im-plementation of xAPI standard for the LMS, including the learning record system (LRS) and the mobile app which contains an xAPI statement generating module, and the design of the sub-format of learning data for the research of this paper.2. The research of learning efficiency analysis model:Working on the gathered learning data, this paper proposed the learning efficiency analysis model. With the data of learners learning duration in each situation, the model can figure out learning efficiencies of each situation. With those, suggestions of what to learn could be made for improving the learning efficiency.3. Association rules mining model of knowledge points:For finding out the knowledge points and the associations among them, this paper proposed the as-sociation rules mining model of knowledge points. It finds out clues from the data of learners’ browsing time on each page of the courseware and adding pages to fa-vorites. When a learner is learning one of the knowledge points, the client would hint the associations of the knowledge point so that the learning efficiency and experience could be improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Learning Analytics, xAPI, Learning Efficiency, Knowledge Point, Learning Record
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