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The Design Of Conversion Interface Between Industrial Ethernet And Profibus-DP Fieldbus

Posted on:2015-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330434459577Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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At present, the field bus as the core communication technology of the bottomequipments in industrial automation system has been widely used.However,due todifferent standards of the Fieidbus and the weak remote communication capability,thesystems and information integration are facing a difficult situation in the industrialcontrol network.At the same time,the Industrial Ethernet that based on Ethernet andTCP/IP protocol has continuous improvement in real time, reliability and interferenceimmunity and so on. The Industrial Ethernet developed to industrial control network thathas become a trend.In this background, this topic of data communication between Industrial Ethernetand Profibus-DP Fieldbus conducted in depth research, the embedded technology and theembedded network are used as technical support, puting forward a design that about adata conversion interface of Industrial Ethernet and Profibus-DP Fieldbus.The purpose isto making the equipments with Profibus-DP interface in industrial field could fast andlow-cost access to Ethernet and monitoring the remote equipments in real time. This isconducive to information integration in industrial control network.This paper introduces the Industrial Ethernet and Profibus-DP Fieldbus respectivetechnical characteristics. Based on the focus of research and analysis on IndustrialEthernet protocols and Profibus-DP mastercard, designing the circuits of the Ethernetinterface and the backplane bus interface as well as the mastercontroller and its accessory.Building the hardware platform to connect with the Profibus-DP mastercard. Describesthe method of designing the Ethernet and Profibus-DP transfer data through thebackplane bus. And based on this hardware platform, transplanting the embeddedoperating system FreeRTOS, initializing the Ethernet controller and LwIP protocolstack,driving the hardware devices.With the multiple task and priority mechanism ofFreeRTOS to write programs for data conversion. Finally, seting up a platform to test thisdata conversion interface device.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial Ethernet, Profibus-DP, data conversion, backplane bus, mastercontroller, FreeRTOS
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