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Balanced Energy Consumption Protocol Algorithm Design With Uneven Double-Clustering And MATLAB Simulation

Posted on:2015-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Q ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330464456247Subject:Software engineering
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Reduce the energy dissipated and prolong the lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) which is the hottest issue in related research fields and industry. Discussed the basic mechanisms of classic LEACH protocol in details, from the theoretical and experimental illustrated its advantages and disadvantages. Base on previous experience proposed the improvement ideas, simulated and comparison thru MATLAB to verify the improved algorithm.Firstly, briefly introduce the basic conception of WSN and the Protocol of WSN. LEACH was chosen as the research subject to show the mechanisms of WSN protocol, then simulated LEACH and Directly thru MATLAB, the results show LEACH has advantages in energy efficient.Secondly, Analysis the experimental data of LEACH, summary the shortage at Cluster head selection and single-hop routing, provide related improvements:(1)introduced four correction factor:the energy of node, the distance to sink base, the density of node, the distance to neighbor node during the stage of cluster head selection to generate more wonderful head node. (2) the normal node chose his head base on the so called "communication cost function", which, consider the distance between node and head also the distance between head and sink base. (3)refer to the idea of "Double Cluster Head", the primary head was selected by normal threshold formula, the secondly head was selected base on the energy and the distance to sink base. (4) combined the energy consumption formula and the definition of circle in Mathematical, proposed a solution for multiple-hop between the second head node, to reduce the energy consumption.Finally, provide the code of main function of the improved algorithm LEACH-NEW, also analyzed the generated experimental data, choose the lifetime of network, the energy consumption of network, the data packets received by sink base, the factor of balance energy consumption, the multiple-hop between cluster, the position of cluster head, the counter of cluster head, the hot energy hole problem, those all eight parameters to proof LEACH-NEW indeed have improve of the balancing the load of energy consumption and prolong the lifetime of network.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless Sensor Network, LEACH, Energy Balance, Double Cluster head, Multiple-hop routing
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