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Emergency Drilling System Based On Virtual Reality Technology System Design And Development

Posted on:2017-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P B LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330503482102Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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With the development of industrial society, the demand for emergency drill training system for the occurrence of an emergency is becoming more urgent. But the current system is not universal emergency drills, the main faces two key problems: on the one hand by the virtual reality technology constraints, fast rendering algorithm on a large-scale three-dimensional model can not always guarantee the efficiency, greatly increasing the cost of the system; the other on the one hand the current emergency drill system in the business logic specific performance is not enough, users can not carry out training exercises through a complex system of operating procedures, a substantial increase in the cost of learning exercises, resulting in very limited scenarios. In this paper, these two problems were studied.First, the problem for real-time rendering of large-scale three-dimensional scene,research-based visibility algorithm and back face culling algorithm temporal correlation between back face culling optimization algorithms and research body based Horizon culling algorithm optimization sight inspired body culling algorithm.In the back face culling algorithm based on principle. By three-dimensional model data is divided into clusters, each cluster and then the data is divided into a forward area and the back area, and then subdivided according to the district to continue to traverse the spatial query nucleus to form a tree structure to simplify the query process.Inspired by research optimization strategies plane algorithm and mask optimization algorithm design inspired sight body culling algorithm.Secondly, large-scale three-dimensional model in the drawing process due to the location of each block overlaps resulting situation, study the k-d tree occlusion culling algorithm based on occlusion query optimization algorithm. By k-d tree traversal algorithm and priority combining temporal and spatial correlation of occlusion query optimization algorithm. Distance from the node to the viewpoint, the higher the priority; when an object is visible, it is assumed that the original algorithm in the next frame visible, you can further use spatio-temporal correlation and are assumed to bevisible in the next several frames, which can further reduce the occlusion query frequency.Finally, we designed for complex business logic emergency drills framework and mechanism to achieve a messaging system based on observer mode and meet unique requirements. Based on abstract models of complex things designed the overall framework of the system, based on real-time rendering and visualization technology designed modular system. On this basis, we are given the actual results of system operation.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual reality, data visualization, accelerated rendering, emergency drills, Three-dimensional model, visibility
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