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Structure Design And Surgery Simulation Study Of A Surgical Robot For Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Posted on:2017-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330503487400Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Traditional open spinal surgery has a too large destruction to the human body. The minimally invasive surgery has a good development prospect in the treatment of spinal diseases. There are a lot of problems in the traditional methods and tools of minimally invasive spine surgery, which hinder the further promotion of minimally invasive surgery in the field of spinal surgery. Surgical robot has become an intelligent tool to break through the many clinical problems of spinal surgery, therefore, the research on the related problems of spinal minimally invasive surgery robot and its application is of great theoretical significance and clinical value.This paper analyzes requirements of the surgical operation and t akes clinical requirements into consideration based on a wide range of literature and comparative analysis of related research and commercial products at home and abroad. We determined the degree of freedom, clarified workspace and other design indicators, proposed several schemes based on the idea of hybrid mechanism. Finally, a 5-DOF hybrid surgical robot for spinal surgery and virtual prototype is designed and realized and the strength check is accomplished for critical componen ts.Secondly, we did research about kinematic analysis methods for some specific robot joint structures and optimized structure parameters based on the global dexterity of parallel mechanism. After determining all the kinematic parameters, we figured out the robot workspace including the whole workspace and the fixed pose workspace.Then we did some researches on preoperative posture planning and surgery anchor point planning of the robot for specific objects, defined dexterity index and redundancy degree of robot workspace as objective functions in the planning process. Then we verified and analyzed the results through virtual prototype.Finally, we completed the construction of surgical simulation system using MFC and CHAI3 D function libraries, verified the rationality and effectiv eness of the minimally invasive surgical robot and realized the simulation and follow-up control of surgical planning of 3D model and the preoperative posture planning of the robot based on the reconstruction of CT evaluation of the spine structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:hybrid surgical robot, hybrid robot, workspace, optimization design, position planning, surgery simulation
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