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Study On Expanding The Railway Transportation Mode Of Passenger Car Production Enterprises

Posted on:2015-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330422485305Subject:Carrier Engineering
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Since the "eleventh five year plan", China’s passenger car production and consumptionhas become a unique supercountry in the world, at the same time, many passenger carproduction enterprises stood out in the domestic market, such as: faw Volkswagen, ShanghaiVolkswagen, Shanghai GM, Dongfeng-citroen, Beijing hyundai, Dongfeng nissan, Great Wall,Changan ford, Dongfeng yueda kia, BYD auto company, etc. However, in the backdrop ofincreasingly competition in car sales market today, the sales profit of each passenger carproduction enterprise is in being compressed, so that it makes the passenger car transportationbecome one of the important way to reduce the cost of production enterprises. But, the maintransportation by highway car carrier has been unable to meet the modern logistics for lowcost and high quality, so how the the passenger production enterprises expanding the railwaytransportation mode has become a issue which many domestic scholars have to study. onthe other hand, Railway passenger transportation, is still limited by the timeliness ofdifference, the transport capacity market, market consciousness, service consciousness andquality consciousness. In such a background, the study of railway passenger transportationdevelopment significance, market positioning, optimal allocation of resources and all levelsof government policy, has far-reaching strategic significance and important practicalsignificance for China’s passenger car production enterprises to speed up the transportion ofpassenger car, better to serve the development of the modern passenger car industry andpromote the urban passenger transportation ability.This issue describes the present situation of the development of passenger transportationindustry in our country, analysis of the history and present situation of passenger cartransportation development at home and abroad, and Selects a case of domestic passenger carproduction enterprise such as DYK company to analysis, within the current situation in DYKcompany’s passenger transportation, transport companies and DYK related sales described,and doing a comprehensive evaluation of contrast for DYK passenger rail and roadtransportation services ability,drawing a conclution that railway passenger transportationmainly fit for long-distance transport in the northwest, southwest direction according topassenger transportation company actual situation, compared to road passenger transportation, it is a high level of integrated transportation services. Ultimately explainning in terms of thedevelopment of China’s railway passenger transportation services, there are still manydeficiencies, and finally gives some suggestions on the passenger car manufacturersexpanding rail transportation mode.
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