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Research On Purchasing Performance Evaluation And Impact Of Individual Behavior On Purchasing Performance

Posted on:2015-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B F CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330461456684Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As an important part of enterprises’ daily life and supply chain management, purchasing has become the priority among priorities that enterprises concerned. At the same time, through long-term practice, purchasing activities have also shown great influence and contribution to business performance. Therefore, with the enlargement of the strategic influence of procurement, the research related with purchasing, such as purchasing performance evaluation and the influence factors of purchasing performance, is becoming more and more important, and it has also become a hot research topic. Given this, based on existing related research, the author will mainly study purchasing performance evaluation and the influence of purchasing behavior on purchasing performance, to help enterprises assess employee performance and guide employee’s behavior more scientifically and effectively, as well as provide enterprises with good advice about procurement management, to help enterprises obtain good purchasing performance.First of all, on the basis of reviewing related literature, the author defines the connotation of some basic concepts such as performance, purchasing performance, purchasing performance evaluation, and determines the theoretical basis for follow-up study. With this, based on the existing relevant research results, the author designs input and output index system of purchasing performance evaluation respectively from two aspects:horizontal and vertical, and establishes procurement performance evaluation model combining horizontal aspect and vertical aspect by means of DEA. At the same time, through empirical analysis, the author verifies the scientific nature and effectiveness of the DEA model for procurement performance evaluation. Through related research and analysis, the author concludes that procurement performance evaluation based on DEA can help enterprises evaluate procurement performance more objectively, roundly and scientifically, and provide enterprises with a lot of effective information about management.Secondly, with the study of procurement performance evaluation based on DEA, based on the valid data obtained by DEA validity analysis, the author builds a production function on the frontier with multiple inputs and multiple outputs of purchasing performance, using DEA regression. From the production function, through analysis, we can get the main output factors and input factors that influence purchasing performance, at the same time, we can also get the sensitivity of various factors influencing each other. After comprehensive analysis, we can know that, the production function can reflect the relationship between input and output of purchasing performance in the practice, and describe the generation and change of effective purchasing performance reasonably, which has good theoretical and practical significance.Finally, on the basis of scientific analysis and classification for purchasing behavior, using NetLogo, the author conducts a simulation experiment for studying the influence of purchasing behavior on purchasing performance respectively from two directions:simulation based on DEA performance evaluation and longitudinal dynamic simulation. Through multiple sets of simulation, the author analyses the influence of various typical purchasing behavior on purchasing performance, and finally get the overall conclusion about the influence of purchasing behavior on purchasing performance. The results of the simulation show that, the positive purchasing behavior represented by learning behavior plays an active role in purchasing performance, which can improve the level of purchasing performance, however, the gray purchasing behavior represented by overconfidence and bribery has a negative effect on purchasing performance, which will lower the level of procurement performance. Finally, based on the results of simulation, the author provides some management advice for enterprises from three aspects, which includes strengthening the recruitment and training work for procurement staff, establishing a good procurement supervising system and a performance evaluation system, establishing a good salary system with differentiation and a reasonable elimination system and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:Purchasing performance evaluation, DEA, Production function, Purchasing behavior, Computational experiments
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