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Multi-Project Scheduling Research Of T Company’s Launch New Products

Posted on:2015-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q H SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330467450238Subject:Project management
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Automobile industry has increasingly become an important pillar industry in China’s national economy, Auto parts industry to occupy an increasingly important position in the entire automotive industry chain. As China’s auto market hotly increasing, the competition among auto makers and auto parts industry has become intense. Pure price competition is not dominant. How to speed up the development of new products and launch new products, such as the automobile model update, improving vehicle comfort, driving humanity, it become very important.T company is an Auto Parts Co., Ltd., which is a leading global supplier of automotive safety systems. The main production is braking, steering, suspension, occupant safety aspects of high-tech active and passive safety products and systems. As a multinational auto parts companies every year there are many new customized products. In the new product (item) launching into the process, multiple projects exist simultaneously; there is a resource conflict, the process time of uncertainty which reduces its correctness by use of traditional multi-project scheduling method.For resource-constrained project scheduling problem many scholars have proposed a number of optimization algorithms to solve the problem:exact algorithms and heuristics algorithms. Since the exact algorithm can not give the optimal solution within an acceptable time for more large-scale projects. Instead, heuristic algorithm can reach satisfactory calculation results at the right time, in the calculation of a large project issues. In order to further improve the management level, the rational allocation of resources, schedule tasks, in order to achieve certain objectives, such as optimizing the shortest period and so on.(1) For the uncertainty of T company in new projects launching process, through study the fuzzy theory, the paper decides to use a triangular fuzzy numbers to describe this uncertainty; And establishes a fuzzy multi-project resource-constrained scheduling model.(2) Using heuristic algorithms and project total duration minimum as the optimization objective function, the paper designs a fuzzy resource-constrained multi-project scheduling model based on a serial scheduling mechanism. And then the method is used to schedule the T company launch new project, through considering the human, financial, material, equipment, time and other resources, the company can achieve greater economic efficiency than before.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resource constrained, Multi-project scheduling, Fuzzy theory, Serialscheduling mechanism, heuristics algorithm
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