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Analysis Of Off-the-statements Disclosure Of The Accounting Information Of Listed Corporation In China

Posted on:2015-11-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The financial report is an important means for enterprises to officially transfer of financial information. It not only includes the financial statements, including notes and other financial reports etc.. Due to limited capacity of information in the financial statements, information outside forms on the status of the entire system of financial reporting is becoming increasingly important. Information users for Decisions making pay more attention to the information outside forms, which makes them increasingly high demand for information outside forms. Standardize off-the-statements disclosure has the following benefits:First, can make the stock market run more healthy and stable; Second, investors and creditors and other information users can learn more information about listing companies, which can effectively protect their own interests; Third, to improve the quality of information of listing companies can attract more investment, thus companies can raise more funds; Finally, can regulate the self-interested behavior of the listing companies’manager and evaluate the implementation of the Accountability of management. Off-the-statements disclosure by listing companies has very important significance to the national economic environment, the interests of investors and the business growth.Although the research on the off-the-statements disclosure start late, also made some achievements. Information disclosure system framework of listing companies has taken shape. The core of the system is the "Securities Act", and the branches are relevant laws and regulations. In order to improve the regulation of information disclosure of listing companies and to improve the quality of information disclosure, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a "Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company information disclosure assessment methods" to comprehensively evaluate information disclosure of listing companies annually. From the evaluation results, the quality of information disclosure of our country is improving. Although off-the-statements disclosure of our country has some progress, but there is still a lot of problems:off-the-statements disclosure quality is not high, not enough off-the-statements disclosure norms, off-the-statements disclosure surplus serious, voluntary off-the-statements disclosure level is not higher. The reasons for these questions are as follows:First, are due to the loopholes in the off-the-statements disclosure system, the formulation system of information disclosure is not perfect too; Second, regulatory agencies do not play a relevant role; Finally, the internal corporate governance mechanism is not perfect, it is not enough attention that grass-roots financial officers pay to the off-the-statements disclosure. In China, off-the-statements disclosure has not reached the investor’s request and it did not play its due role, therefore, it is necessary to study the off-the-statements disclosure of listing companies. Learn from foreign country’requirements about off-the-statements disclosure, then put forward feasible suggestions for the problems of information disclosure. First, in order to improve the quality of information disclosure that we can take the following approach:Strengthening external supervision system, clearing legal responsibilities about related personnel, increasing penalties, establish methods related to civil compensation mechanism, and establishing a complete disclosure rating system to evaluate the quality of corporate off-the-statements disclosure. Second, by setting reasonable internal governance structure, improve the professional competence of accounting personnel to make off-the-statements disclosure more standardized. Third, in our country, the off-the-statements disclosure is usefulness while showing information outside forms overload. For this problem, scholars should strengthen research on concise information disclosure and make information from outside of forms into forms, and build the conceptual framework of off-the-statements disclosure. In practice, should give full consideration to the importance of accounting information. Finally, the voluntary disclosure of information helps investors better understand the real situation of the company. China should establish a perfect information disclosure system to encourage voluntary disclosure of listing companies.In this paper, use of standardized research methods and learn from previous scholars’research. Study the problem of off-the-statements disclosure of listing companies, and make recommendations to improve the off-the-statements disclosure issue. First, this paper describes the purpose and significance, collates and analyzes the domestic and international research literature, and introduces the research methods and ideas of this paper. Second, it describes some basic problems that the meaning of the information outside forms, the principles of information disclosure, and theory associated with this paper. Then, it describes the nature of the information from the perspective of residual control rights. Third, it describes the legal documents of information disclosure. Then it analyzes of the current problems in China’s off-the-statements disclosure, and the reasons. Fourth, it compares the differences between China and the U.S. system of off-the-statements disclosure of listing companies, and explains the Implications for China. Fifth, it gives some suggestions to the off-the-statements disclosure of listing company which help to improve the current situation. Finally, it wrote a conclusion. Now, the economic develop rapidly, off-the-statements disclosure is a growing concern. Rules and regulations about off-the-statements disclosure become more perfect, and off-the-statements disclosure will be more scientific and standardized in the future.
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