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Countermeasures Study On Supervision Of Accounting Information Disclosure Of Listed Company In China

Posted on:2016-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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True, complete and timely accounting information disclosure will help easeinformation asymmetry between participants in the securities market and promote theoptimal allocation of resources. However, in the real economic life, the listed companyillegal information disclosure of false or not in time behavior has occurred successively.To some extent, it also reflects some problems existing in the information disclosuresupervision. In order to improve the quality of information disclosure supervision,maintain the healthy development of securities market and protect the interests ofinvestors, it is necessary to continue to discuss and research supervision of accountinginformation disclosure of listed companies.This paper mainly adopts the normative analysis method to analysis. First of all,through describing the information asymmetry theory, efficient market theory and thetheory of public goods in detail for this study to provide theoretical basis for supervisionof information disclosure of listed companies. Secondly, the paper expounds andanalyzes the current status of the listed company information disclosure supervision inour country, on the one hand, it describes the achievements in information disclosuresupervision, on the other side, it also demonstrates supervisory problems that exist inthe reality, this paper expounds the main problems of supervision which have threeaspects.These are internal desupervision, certified public accountants audit supervisionpower, the securities and futures commission and the stock exchange supervision. Andone to one correspondence from the angle of the three analysis the deep reasons ofregulatory problems, Specific including: First, the causes of internal desupervisionmainly have unreasonable equity structure, main functions of independent directors andboard of supervisors conflict. Second, the causes of certified public accountants auditsupervision power loss mainly have professional quality which is not high, thedistortion of certified public accountants audit relationship and the unreasonable auditmode.Third, the causes of the securities and futures commission and exchangesupervisory deficiencies mainly have exchange authority allocation that is notreasonable, lack of supervisory professional and civil legal responsibility related toinformation disclosure system is imperfect, and so on.Finally, through describing theaccounting information disclosure of listed companies in our country supervision and various causes were analyzed, and the main problems in this paper, from the severalaspects to improve the public company accounting information disclosure supervisionand relevant countermeasures are put forward. Relevant countermeasures mainlyinclude: First, improve the internal governance structure. Specific relatedcountermeasures include vigorously developing institutional investors and adjusting theexist supervisory model construction and improving the system of independent directorsand board of supervisors. Second, strengthen the certified public accountants auditsupervision. Specific related countermeasures include improving the quality of thecertified public accountants practice, seting up the normal audit commissioned relationsand improving the audit mode. Third, improve the government supervision. Specificrelated countermeasures include the rational allocation of supervision, strengthen thesupervisory expertise and perfect the investment protection and compensationmechanism. Fourth, strengthen social supervision. Specific related countermeasuresinclude building system of the news media or journalists blacklist and introducing thewhistle blower system.
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