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The Research Of Land Finance Governance Issues Under The Background Of New-Type Urbanization

Posted on:2017-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330482499527Subject:Land Resource Management
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In the past 40 years, China’s achieved remarkable achievements in urban construction, urbanization rate increased to 54.8% in 2014, the urban population growth reached to 749 million. Among them, the land finance play an irreplaceable role in promoting the urbanization construction process. Land finance as the stage product in the process of urbanization development, provides the huge financing support for the local development. Local governments at all levels using land finance to building local area construction, improving the local infrastructure and services, promoting the improvement of local city. But at the same time, rely heavily on land finance cause many problems, land finance brings the governments fiscal and financial risks, a series of problems such as land rent-seeking corruption, the gap between rich and poor. Therefore, under the background of the new urbanization construction, this paper discusses land finance governance issues, gradually get rid of it which is the priority task for local governments to improve the quality of urban development.Under the background of the new urbanization, the purpose of this paper is to perfecting land finance utilizing, optimizing the government fiscal and taxation channels, providing the oretical basis for relevant policy adjustment. In this paper, under the perspective of land finance governance programmes, comply with the fiscal and taxation system, local financing platform construction and funding such aspects as the study of land finance governance issues.With this paper, in addition to the introduction, mainly divides into five chapters, the first chapter mainly introduces the basic concepts and related theories. This chapter focuses on the study of several important concepts and Fiscal Decentralization theories, Coase’s Institutional Economics theory is discussed. The land finance current situation and relationship between urbanization has carried on the qualitative research in the second chapter. First of all, its evolution process of simple comb, secondly analyses the land finance current situation in our country, finally on the basis of data of using regression model on the land finance has carried on the empirical analysis to the influence of urbanization.The existing problems and causes of the current land finances are analyzed in the third chapter. The fourth chapter mainly discusses the land finance governance scheme design. First briefly describes main land finance governance programmes overall scheme design, intergovernmental fiscal transfer payment structure design and the design of the system of local bonds aspects discusses land finance governance programmes of each scheme. The fifth chapter is discussing about the research conclusions and policy recommendations. Putting forward the basic conclusion, and focusing on the angle of governance to analyse financial governance issues.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Finance, The Transfer of State-owned Land-use Right, Local Government, Land Financial
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