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Design Of Enhanced PH Fluorescence Probe Based On Fluorescein And Rhodamine

Posted on:2018-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2321330512488571Subject:Environmental Science
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In recent years,the fluorescent molecular probe has been widely used in labeling and detection because of its visual interaction between target regions and molecules.It has become an important means for scientific exploration,especially in medicine,environment and biology.Extensive application.In view of the wide application of fluorescent probes in biomedical and environmental monitoring,this paper has developed a series of studies on the activity of soil hydrolytic enzymes by detecting the structure of fluorescein and rhodamine by using fluorescein and rhodamine as the fluorescent precursor.Plant cells in the microenvironment of the pH fluorescence probe,and test its related properties.The fluorescence probe A-FDA was used to synthesize the soil hydrolytic enzyme activity by acetylation.The interaction between the medium and the soil hydrolase was carried out to hydrolyze the fluorescein monomer,The introduction of aldehydes and bio-macromolecules can be combined with cysteine,reducing the leakage of fluorescein monaldehyde from the cells.The activity of the soil hydrolytic enzyme was tested by using the hydrolyzate with strong fluorescence and the A-FDA itself did not have the fluorescence to assess the enzyme activity in the soil.The wavelength of the A-FDA is interfering with the material in the soil.Based on the AFDA,the activity of the hydrolytic enzyme in the soil was detected by the method of SNAFLQ,which was designed to synthesize the long-wave probe by acetylation.A series of pH fluorescent probes were designed with rhodamine,methionine,glutamic acid,glycine and ethanolamine as raw materials.The pH response,pH reversibility and biologic imaging of the probe were tested respectively.Methionine The probe has a pKa value of 6.8,biased towards neutral,suitable for pH detection under neutral conditions.Finally,we further modify the Rhodamine probe and test its response to metal ions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fluorescent molecular probe, p H, Metal ion, Soil, Rhodamine
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