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Research And Optimization Design Of Wireless Power Transmission System Based On Magnetic Resonances

Posted on:2017-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330488988813Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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Electric wires had been existence around us since the birth of the electricity, brought us both convenience and problems. With the developed of society, the problems caused by wire were increasingly apparent. The wireless power transmission technology was born under such background, magnetically coupled resonant wireless power transmission technology which would achieved energy efficient transmission by magnetic coupled resonance through resonant coil. Compared to other technologies, there was a big advantage in middle-distance transmission technology, transmission efficiency and safety. However, because the technology was discovered, researched and developed in recent years, there were still many key technical problems to be solved, such as the over all system integration technology, bio-security,etc.This thesis focused on research and optimize the magnetically coupled resonant wireless power transmission system. First introduce the basic principles of magnetically coupled resonant wireless power transmission technology, and made modeling analysis in two ways through the coupled-mode theory and the equivalent circuit theory.The thesis analyzed the overall energy flow process system form the coupled-mode theory, and also analyzed the factors which affected energy transmission; the thesis focused on the equivalent circuit theory, and made simulating analysis through Matlab, and obtained the transmission efficiency of the system, then came to the conclusion that resonant frequency played a crucial role in transmission efficiency of the system.Then a model of three-coil system for wireless power transmission was established, the system being analyzed by way of an equivalent circuit of two-port network theory and derived the transmission efficiency formula. And focused on emission, effect of cross-coupling coefficient between the receiver coil system were studied. Then adjusted the position of the ring so that the trunk transmission efficiency has been optimized for quantitative analysis.To verified the conclusions of the previous theoretical analyzed by Matlab simulation software, Maxwell simulation software field. By Maxwell software to simulated the structure type of coupling coil, and then optimized the design of the coupling coil. The factors of offset longitudinally and obstacles which influenced the system were studied.Finally, the thesis introduced a block diagram of each part of the magnetically coupled resonant wireless power transmission system, the system hardware circuit system selection and design, and the experimental platform's construction. The thesis made experimental research of testing the transmission performance on the basis of theoretical and simulation analysis, in order to confirmed the correctness of theoretical analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless Power Transmission, Magnetic Resonance Coupling, Cross Coupling Coefficient, Equivalent Circuit, Transmission Efficiency
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