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Application Research Of Transmission Line Fault Location Device In Rongjiang Station

Posted on:2018-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Due to the long transmission distance and the complex terrain,the EHV transmission lines are often affected by external lightning,fast-growing trees and birds.When the fault caused by tripping causes the line power failure,it will cause the reliability of the power supply sector decline in the increasingly stringent assessment of the circumstances,quickly find the fault,shortening the power outage caused by the transmission line operation and maintenance departments attention;the existing operation of the Fault location device,due to inaccurate data,resulting in the manpower input and time-consuming troubleshooting line doubled,the power sector hopes to be able to quickly locate the fault location fault location device?This paper mainly analyzes the working principle of single-end ranging and double-end ranging of transmission line,and introduces the general impedance measuring method in single-end ranging.Then,the paper introduces the application of the common line in recent years,Wave distance measurement;traveling wave ranging can be single-ended ranging or double-ended ranging from all aspects of the existing conditions of the choice of traveling wave type is the current traveling wave or voltage traveling wave,and how to transient waveform Change to easily identify the waveform,the other in the analysis of transmission rate and time accuracy of the waveform problem.In the following chapters,the impedance range method is researched,which shows that the grounding transient resistance,the long-distance distributed capacitance and the system operation mode are the main factors affecting the ranging accuracy.When using the traveling wave single-end ranging method,Wave attenuation caused by the characteristics of the radiation wave head is not obvious,while the distance between the fault point and the impact of the contralateral traveling wave reflection makes the choice of inaccurate single-line traveling wave to the waveform,resulting in lower accuracy range,Ranging,as long as the two sides of the traveling wave range device to capture the first wave characteristics of the most obvious traveling wave,you can calculate the distance to failure.But in practical use,waveform recognition problems,current transformer phase shift problems and lightning interference and other issues will cause a decline in traveling wave range accuracy.Next,the performance of several types of Ranging Station in Rongjiang Station are evaluated.The principle,application and application of various line protection devices,fault recorders and traveling wave ranging applications in Rongjiang Substation are analyzed.500 kV lines and 220 kV lines are selected to analyze the influence of grounding resistance and distributed capacitance on the result of line distance measurement in the faults of the past years.In order to solve the problem of faulty results in the course of running,Differential protection device can use the opposite side of the current information data for double-ended ranging calculation,fault recording device can help later double-ended recording data to improve the accuracy of ranging methods,and analysis of several common installation problems And its solution for substation operation personnel in the transmission line trip after the distance structure to determine the reference to provide a reference.At last,the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of Ranging devices in Rongjiang substation are summarized.Combining with the actual working conditions of the existing protection equipment and the research on the ranging method(algorithm)at home and abroad,and for various kinds of traveling wave The future development trend and direction of fault location are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ultra-high voltage transmission, line, Fault location, location of Traveling wave application
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