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Cooperative Mission Planning For Multiple UAVs Based On The Threat Netting

Posted on:2017-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330536952854Subject:Systems Engineering
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With the development of modern information technology,the warfare has changed gradually from platform integration to network operations,Network-centric warfare model makes modern air defense systems share information with each other and become mutual influence and integrated network systems,which is so-called the threat netting.Under these conditions,the fighting efficiency of the single UAV is limited,multiple UAVs cooperate to perform missions in order to play its combat capability well.Therefore,the research of multiple UAVs mission planning based on the principles of threat netting's air defense combat is very important.First,this paper studied the basic principles of threat netting's air defense combat and analysed the properties of threat netting,such as anti-jamming,anti-radiation missile attacks,provided theoretical basis for multiple UAVs operation application based on threat netting.This paper analysed the information exchange mechanism of threat netting,established the network detection probability model and cooperative killing probability model.Further this paper established the penetration operation probability model of UAV under the threat netting.Secondly,this paper studied the multiple UAVs cooperative penetrate and attack mission planning method to against the anti-radiation missile attacks property of threat netting.To solve the multiple UAVs cooperative attack problem,a distributed control architecture based on local information exchange between UAVs is built and a strategy which combines path plan and trajectory control is designed to realized the simultaneous arrival of multiple UAVs.A new consensus algorithm based on some algorithms' advantage is designed,which can not only control the motion of UAVs flexibly,but also can quickly realize the mission cooperation between the UAVs.Then,this paper stuided the multiple UAVs cooperative deception jamming mission planning method to against the anti-jamming property of threat netting.The basic theory of track deception based on principle of pulse radar and distance delay technique is analysed and the fundamental model of one-one deception is built.Further this paper discussed the state exchange relationship and the couple relationship of multiple UAVs cooperative track deception,designed the performance index with threat netting,then built the optimal control model of multiple UAVs cooperative deception jamming.Finally,this paper did some simulation experiments to validate the effectiveness of multiple UAVs cooperative attack algorithm,the algorithm can realize the simultaneous arrival of multiple UAVs when there was a sudden threat.This paper also did two simulationexperiments to validate the effectiveness of multiple UAVs cooperative deception jamming algorithm in the situation of one-one deception and multiple UAVs cooperative deception.
Keywords/Search Tags:Threat netting, UCAV, Cooperative attack, Consensus control algorithm, Deception jamming, Optimal control
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