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Research On Rapid Detection Of The Composite That Used In Civil Aircraft And The Assessment Technique Of Airworthiness

Posted on:2018-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2322330536987793Subject:Carrier Engineering
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As the world recognized that the development of aerospace always receives much concern,and drive any other affiliate industry develop rapidly.Material is the basis of the rapid expansion of contemporary society,the technology of research-manufactory to new new materials is crucial to modern industry,all walks of life need the support of the materials.Composite material is usual composed of several different mayerials like organic polymer,inorganic nonmetal or metal through compound technology combinating to be one new materials,and in the end the mater ial acquisite high performance.material property is always attaching great importance to aerospace,so the new composite is always the first applied and test on new material,compared with tradition metal material,the routine of damage detecting,repair and the judgement of airworthiness are all watting to be supplemented and improved.With the development of the technique of damage detecting for composite material,NDT(nondestructive testing)takes up major part of that,this detection method will do no harm to the material itself,as a result it become into an importment detection means for the reliability and integrity of the composite.Develop up to now,the damage mechanism for composite has also developed into a certain depth,although there are dozens of relative mature NDT for composite,every method has its boundedness.coin-tap test as a new pattern of quick NDT,it is quiet convenient to be used out-field,but it did not get widespread used because of the equipment for coin-tap test need upgrade and improvement,the data processing and the process approach are not immethodical.This paper firstly analyze the kind and types of damage of the composite that used in civil aircraft,the research go deep into the damage initiation and development,research and compare several different NDT,and introduce the principle of coin-tap test,then adjust several equipment parameter that may influence the result of coin-tap test,simulate the result of coin-tap test by finite element analys is,finally operate exper imental ver ification.This paper mainly solved the three problems.First,this paper research the problem damage mechanism of the composite that used in civil aircraft,use anlysis progressive damage in laminated plates delamination damage,assessment the clustering algor ithm that used in the data precessing,;secondly research the factor that influence the result of coin-tap test by finite element analysis;thirdly research the technological process of airworthiness certification.Contrapose at problem 2,chapter four verify that the factor that influence the result are right.Research achievements of this paper,on the one hand,this research can provide a reference for coin-tap test's using in the design,manufacture and serve of typical composite,enlarge it's applied range,offer theory absorption for the damage repair of composite,on the other hand,,it can also provide a reference for carrying out part concrete technology of airworthiness certification after maintenance.
Keywords/Search Tags:composite material, coin-tap test, clustering algorithm, damage mechanism, damage repair, airworthiness certification
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