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Research On Optimal Operation Of The Charging And Swapping Stations Of Electric Vehicles Considering New Energy Integration

Posted on:2018-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2322330542452926Subject:Electrical engineering
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In face of the renewable energy's increasingly getting access to the grid,it is more and more difficult for power system to absorb the active power output because of the volatility and stochastic.The rising popularity of electric vehicles(EVs)makes it possible to stabilize fluctuations.It is an effective way to solve the problem by electric vehicle load aggregation.At present,there is a lack of theoretical guidance on how to aggregate the load of electric vehicles.At the same time,the potential of the electric vehicle scheduling changes by time,so it is important to fully excavate the scheduling potential of EVs so as to participate in system scheduling and provide ancillary services.At present,the rapid development of electric vehicles will have a great impact on the power system operation.And it might difficult to consume a large amount of renewable energy.However the maturing technology of V2G provide a solid foundation for electric vehicle to participate in system scheduling.In this paper,based on the characteristics of storaging electric power,the function of optimal operation and participating in power system economic scheduling are studied.First,this paper summarizes the necessity of electric vehicle load aggregation and the scheduling of charging and discharging behavior of EVs and describes the current situation and research status of electric vehicle load aggregation and charging and discharging scheduling at home and abroad.which lays the foundation for the following research.Secondly,the paper put forward a model of electric vehicle charging and exchanging station's economic operation in micro grid.According to the demand of electric bus battery in different time,considering the volatility and randomness of the new energy's output,combined with the purchase cost of electric power from the outside grid and the generation cost of the controllable micro power supply inside the micro grid,the charging and discharging behavior of battery inside the exchanging station is optimized to minimize the operation cost of the micro grid.The case study shows that the economic operation model given in this paper can reduce the operation cost of the micro grid under the premise of not affecting the demand of electric buses,the more renewable energy get access to the micro grid,the more power purchase amount of micro grid and self-generating demand can be reduced.Then,the paper put forward a concept of Electric Power Hub(EPH),and based on this concept,the static aggregation model and dynamic aggregation model of EPH are proposed.In the static aggregation model,to reduce the electric power purchasing cost,the EPHs are combined to enhance EPHs' index of scale of wholesale electric quantity;In the dynamic aggregation model,by tracking each EPH's scheduling potential,combined with the system boundary cost of power generation and EPH's scheduling cost,choosing the object flexibly to participate in scheduling and its scheduling capacity.The model achieve the reduction of the cost of system scheduling.The significance of this chapter is that compared with other studies,this paper gives the reasonable reason of EVs' aggregation,the optimization goal and the detailed aggregation process of the electric vehicle load,which lays the foundation for the following scheduling model.Finally,the paper put forward a model of day-ahead and real-time scheduling of electric vehicles.In the day-ahead scheduling model,by simulating the electric vehicles' behavior to determine the best time interval of day-ahead scheduling and then determine the scheduling capacity of each EPH;In the real-time scheduling model,in the period of no scheduling plan,reasonably arrange the charging period of each EVs to make the maximum benefits.In the scheduling period,for electric vehicles in the particular EPH,adjust their charging and discharging behavior to meet the day-ahead scheduling plan and minimize the deviation.The case study shows that the system can significantly reduce the peak to valley ratio and reduce the operation cost of the power system.
Keywords/Search Tags:electric vehicles(EVs), charging and discharging dispatch, micro grid, Electric Power Hub, aggregation of EV load
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