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Research On Planning Of Charging Station Considering The Traffic Characteristics Of Electric Vehicles

Posted on:2018-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J MeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330542952928Subject:Electrical engineering
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With the increasing energy crisis and the increasingly serious environmental problems,electric vehicles(EVs)with great advantages of energy saving and environmental protection,have been paid more and more attention.In order to promote the development of EV industry and further increase the penetration of EVs,the government put forward many supporting policies,an important one of which is increasing the investment for EV infrastructure construction.It is estimated that by 2020,China will construct more than 12 thousand centralized charging stationts and more than 4.8 million decentralized charging piles.However,the theory of EV charging station planning is far from mature,so it is urgent to study further.In the dissertation,methods of EV charging facilities planning is studied,starting from the traffic characteristics of EVs,which analyzes the influential factors of the traffic attributions in the research of grid connected EVs.Then,the method of typical day selection and construction is proposed,and the method of EV charging station network planning considering the traffic network planning is studied.First of all,the development status of EVs and the charging interface standards of charging facilities at home and abroad are summarized.Then,the technical parameters of the current mainstream EVs on the market are investigated to analyze the market availability.Current reaearch of the charging station planning and the selection of the typical day are summarized respectively which lay the foundation for the follow-up research.Secondly,this dissertation studies the method of considering the traffic characteristics in the research of gird connected EVs.It analyzes the factors which is necessary to be considered in the research of EVs from the angle of planning level and operation level respectively,and finds out the affecting factors with traffic attributes.The considering methods of traffic factors in the research of load forecasting,EVs behavior characteristics(time dimension and space dimension),the charging facilities planning and the charging and discharging control strategy are analysed.It is found that many traffic characteristics,such as road network structure and traffic operation situation have great influence on the planning of charging stations.Then,a method of determining the typical day in the study of EVs charging facility planning is proposed.The grey correlation analysis method is adopted to digging the influencing factors of charging load and screen the alternative typical days.Then,cluster the EV charging demand from time dimension and space dimension respectively,based on K-means clustering algorithm.And then,select or construct a certain number of typical day.The planning scheme is solved based on a proposed planning modek considering traffic charecteristics,and then the scheme is evaluated based on proposed evaluation indexes.The method is flexible to adjust the complexity by changing the number of clustering center.A case study indicates that the proposed method can satisfy the requirement of planning and reduce the computation complexity greatly.Finally,a combined planning method of EVs charging station and traffic network is proposed.An intelligent sensing scheduling system based on dynamic navigation system is proposed to collect real-time information of traffic,EVs charging station and road,and then predict the road congestion and station congestion in the future,so as to provide personalized charging station selection and routing recommendations for EV customers.The combined planning problem of traffic and charging station is solved based on the proposed EV user satisfaction model and station-traffic coordinated planning model,the aim of which is to maximize the satisfaction of customers and minimize the total cost.The case study shows that the proposed method can significantly improve the economic performance of the planning scheme and maximize the user's satisfaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:electric vehicles(EVs), charging station planning, traffic characteristic, charging station locating and sizing, traffic network planning, coordinated planning
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