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Preliminary Discussion Of The Subsistence Strategy Of Zheiiang Coastal Neolithic Ancestors

Posted on:2017-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330512978204Subject:Cultural relics and museums
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The study of prehistoric subsistence strategy is of great significance.In general,the prehistoric subsistence is closely related to the geographical environment.In Mesolithic when agriculture has not yet occuered,the European coastal ancestors relied on hunting(fishing)-gathering,and the proportion of marine food resources in dietary is of high degree of regionalization.When it comes to Neolithic,along with the origin and expansion of agriculture,the subsistence of European coastal ancestors began to change,and in different area,the adaptation to agriculture is of great difference.It has found a large number of prehistoric shell mounds in Chinese coastal area.To some extent,the subsistence of Chinese coastal ancestors is related to marine,and hunting and fishing took a place in ancestorsí subsistence stratege.However,we have not found oceanic shell mounds in Zhejiang coastal area so far.We presented the stable isotope ratios of carbon nitrogen and sulphur measured in bone collagen extracted from humans and animals from Tianluoshan site of Hemudu Culture in Zhejiang Province,in order to reconstruct the dietary of ancestors and provide new evidence for exploring the subsistence strategy of the Zhejiang coastal ancestors.The results reveals a dominant C3-based food diet,and rice may be the major sources of plant food,suggesting the development of rice agriculture in this region.Terrestrial animals were the main source of humanís meat resources,and it also included a certain amount of freshwater fish.Marine animals were just an addition to humaní s meat resources.Combined with archaeological remains,it can be considered that the subsistence of Tianluoshan ancestors includes agriculture,fishing,hunting and gathering,and rice agriculture was with a certain degree of development.
Keywords/Search Tags:subsistence strategy, hunting and gethering, rice agriculture, Tianluoshan site, stable isotope analysis
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