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The Research Of Acrobatics On The Stone Reliefs And Portrait Bricks In Han Dynasty

Posted on:2018-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Han Dynasty Stone Reliefs and Portrait Bricks is portraits,depicted in the coffin chamber,stone Sarcophagus,shi que,ancestral hall,cliffs and so on.The contents are abundant and they're valuable materials to study the history Han Dynasty.The Stone Reliefs and Portrait Bricks of Han Dynasty are rich in content,and they show the things that the literature cannot express to us.The depiction of Acrobatics is specific and the most is in Shandong,Jiangsu,Anhui and Henan province,and the number of Acrobatics in Sichuan is the second,the lowest is in Northern Shaanxi Province.Acrobatics depicts rich and colorful pictures,including juggling skills,handstand,jujitsu,ropewalking,Pole climbing,through the hoop,magic,rotary disk,animal show,farce performances etc.These areas are affected by the politics,economy,culture,and the fancy of rulers.So,there are some differences among the characterization,performance,action and instruments in Acrobatics.After Zhang Qian starts the "Silk Road",foreign culture walked into China constantly.It was greatly enriched the life of people in culture at that time,especially the use of foreign programs and foreign instruments which increased exotic flavor in performance.Acrobatics of Stone Reliefs and Portrait Bricks shows the entertainment of people at the that time,and it also provides important materials for us to study the culture of Han Dynasty.
Keywords/Search Tags:Han Dynasty, the Stone Reliefs and Portrait Bricks, acrobatics, regional differences, external factors
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