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The Tanghe Feng Jun Ruren Portrait Stone Tombs And Related Problems

Posted on:2010-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360302477285Subject:Archaeology and Museology
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In the first chapter, I look back the research history of Han Dynasty tombs with stone reliefs,and those tombs in Nan Yang, tomb which named "FengJunRuRen".I give some suggestions on how to impulse the developing of this field .In the second chapter, I analyse Feng tomb's structure.I find out that, the structure of Feng tomb is special. Because it imitate the tomb structure of nobleman as a middling officer, and is different from other tombs whose host is also a middling officer. In the third chapter,I analyse and discern a few stone reliefs. Because some of them were named wrong and didn't tell their true meaning in the past. I want to make their meaning clearly. I find that, "Tiger Game" means avoiding spectre; "Fish or Monkey" means propitious animals in heaven; "Dancing, playing instruments and games" has three meanings:avoiding spectre, making tomb host happy and having sacrifice for God. In the forth chapter, I analyse stone reliefs position in it.Stone reliefs in it is placed as other tombs in the same period, but it has some feature still: reliefs placed in corridor not in anterior room; think much of tomb host's living in underearth world and how to avoid spectre,then place them in different position. In the fifth chapter, I analyse the art feature of Feng tomb: a little crude, patina, unwieldiness. On this base, I bring in words and research means from Art History Field, and make research on area genre in Nan Yang . In fact, there are three different genres in Nan Yang. They distribute in Fang cheng county,Tang He county and Nan Yang county. This is the first time to have research on area genre in Nan Yang. Sowe can consider it as a try.
Keywords/Search Tags:tomb named "FengJunRuRen", tomb structure, reliefs, position of reliefs, art feature
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