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A Study Of Chinese-english Translation Of Chinese Dish Names From The Perspective Of Domestication And Foreignization

Posted on:2017-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330515491463Subject:English Language and Literature
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With the ever-accelerating trend of globalization and focus of economic growth,the rules,methods and strategies utilized in the translation process of the names of Chinese dish in the environment of cross-cultural,multilingual and international communications attract tremendous amount of attention from an increasing number of scholars and institutions in China.This kind of inter-cultural communication not only involves the shift between linguistic characters,but also affects the exchange of cultural contents between different civilizations.Although language is the carrier of its culture,the meaning embedded inside the English version of the names of Chinese dish is no longer a simple and pure form of translation between different languages.Because the development and boom of Chinese catering industries in other countries have already acted as important components of world economics activities.To some extent,such form of translation should more likely be counted as a kind of media to introducing Chinese culture to foreign cultures.Or we can even claim that this form of translation plays as a part of international business and trades.That is to say,the quality of Chinese-English translation of the names of Chinese dish has huge and direct impacts on the overseas development and profitability of Chinese chain catering industry and subsequently promotes the self-adjustment and optimization of related industry at home.The culture-loaded dish name means a kind of dish name,which contains rich cultural values and significance.During the translation of these cultural-loaded dish names embedded with important cultural elements,there are two main translating strategies:target language oriented domestication and source language oriented foreignization.What is the research question of this thesis?It performs a tentative research on the Chinese-English translation of cultural loaded Chinese dish names based on the core translation theory of domestication and foreignization and the example of Sichuan cuisine,one of Chinese eight well-known cuisines.Through the study of dish names of Sichuan cuisine,the author analyzes the trade-off between these two translation strategies,and concludes that the integration of domestication strategies and foreignization strategies is the best solution for culture-loaded dish name.
Keywords/Search Tags:names of Chinese dish, domestication and foreignization, Chinese-English translation in cross-cultural communication, distributional approach of semantics&cultural transmission
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