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From The Construction Of National Discourse To The Construction Of Class Discourse

Posted on:2018-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330515956822Subject:World History
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Liang Qichao actively advocated the "history revolution",promoted the extensive development of new historiography thoughts.Under the pressure of saving the nation from subjugation and ensure its survival,The western nationalism was regarded as a powerful weapon to achieve national strength in the eyes of Chinese intellectuals.Influenced by the concept of western national,Chinese intellectuals focused on the establishment of an independent nation state.Therefore,construct the category of "nation" as the core of Chinese identity,national discourse as the core to rewrite the history of China,what is said above becomes the mainstream cognition of the intellectual community.After the founding of the People's Republic of China to the eve of the "cultural revolution",With the completion task of construct the nation-state,the new regime needs to reconstruct the social structure,it needs to construct a new social identity.Since the theory of class revolution had achieved great success in the process of the new-democratic revolution guide the communist party of China.Therefore,the new regime based on the core of class to construct a new social identity,namely class identity.In this social context,after ideological remoulding historians mainly applied class theory and class analysis method to examine and analyze all historical issues,they established new criteria for re-evaluating China's history.they use "class" as the core category of historical analysis and interpretation of the framework,Forming a maturer and brand new Chinese general history and world history system.Fan Wenlan's "The Overview History of China",Zhou Yiliang and Wu Yujin's "The History of the World" are the representation of this historical system.historians merely the opinions and description framework which met this theory were affirmed,and the rest was excluded.As the last part of historical cognition activities,historical writing has its primary task to form knowledge.However,historians is consciously or unconsciously shouldering too heavy political sense of mission and sense of responsibility,actively obey the need of political reality,taking present and past history home and abroad in the frame of class theory.thus deviating from the historical facts themselves.Proof of practice,The historical question for class interpretation of this practice,with a clear negative impact of history itself,and ultimately hinders the development of the study of history.
Keywords/Search Tags:social identity, nation, class, historical writing, The Overview History of China, The History of the World
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