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A Study On Metaphor Translation In To Live From The Perspective Of Conceptual Blending Theory

Posted on:2018-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330515984065Subject:Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Modern cognitive linguistics holds that the conceptual system of human thought and behavior is fundamentally metaphorical.Metaphor is not just a rhetorical expression,but also contains a basic cognitive approach.The Conceptual Blending Theory(CBT)reveals the constructing process of language meaning;it can simulate the transformation of cognitive status in mental space and describe the complex process of the construction of conceptual metaphorical meaning and reasoning mechanism.In this paper,such methods as documentary method,text analysis,contrastive analysis and graphical method will be used.Based on the Conceptual Metaphor Theory(CMT),this paper first attempts to classify the metaphors in Huo Zhe,then to analyze their English translation in To Live from the perspective of the conceptual blending theory,and last to summarize the translation principles for metaphor translation.The paper finds out that it is appropriate to apply conceptual blending theory to the analysis of the metaphor blending process.The analysis of metaphor translation results in two cases:if no changes take place during the translation of metaphors from the ST to the TT,it is called "identical conceptual mapping";if the deviation does take place,it is called "adjusted conceptual mapping".Besides,this dissertation concludes the principles for metaphor translation:if the generic space of the conceptual mapping in ST is identical(or similar)to that in TT,the"identical mapping translation" shall be adopted;if the generic space of the conceptual mapping in TT is different(or of great difference)from that in TT,the "adjusted mapping translation" shall be adopted.
Keywords/Search Tags:conceptual metaphor, conceptual blending, metaphor translation, conceptual mapping
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