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The National Discourse Research Of Inner Mongolia Mongolian Authors' Historical Novel In The New Period

Posted on:2019-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330566459780Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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The Mongolian novel creation in the new period of Inner Mongolia is the most numerous and most successful part of the novels of the minority nationalities in the new period of Inner Mongolia,among which the Mongolian writers' creation of long historical novels is even more successful.The magnificent historical scenes,the unique customs of life,the creation of heroic images and the heavy sense of history not only make readers understand the changes of Mongolian history and culture,It also expresses the Mongolian discourse which the author wants to convey.Nowadays,modern discourse analysis has become a hot topic in literature research,but the minority literature combined with discourse analysis theory is still relatively few.Based on the popular discourse theory,this paper systematically analyzes and interprets the long historical novels of Mongolian writers in the new period of Inner Mongolia.This kind of research breaks through the traditional mode of minority literature research.This paper examines Mongolian historical novels in the new period of Inner Mongolia from a new theoretical perspective in order to achieve the purpose of understanding minority literature in various ways.Secondly,it can sort out the narration and change of ethnic discourse in minority literature with the development of history.Finally,the modern discourse theory is introduced by the West,so it is seldom analyzed from this point of view.The national literature has certain value and significance to the localization practice of discourse research.This thesis is divided into three parts: introduction,text and conclusion.The introduction gives a brief introduction to the writers and works of Mongolian historical novelists in Inner Mongolia in the new era,explains the concept and theoretical basis of "national discourse",sorts out the research status quo,and summarizes the significance of discourse theory in the studyof ethnic novels.The first part of the text expounds in detail how to construct the national discourse of the Mongolian writers' long historical novels in the new period of Inner Mongolia,and divides the main national discourse into the continuation of the revolutionary discourse of "seventeen years" according to the discourse purport of the works.Root-seeking discourse and modernity discourse,the continuation of "seventeen years" revolutionary discourse is mainly expounded from two aspects: the enlightening discourse and the national relation discourse,and the root-seeking discourse is mainly the exploration of the "root" of Mongolian culture.Including the Mongolian historical memory,the traditional customs and customs and the generation of national character tracing and reproduction;finally,the construction of modern discourse,including the Mongolian history and culture Rational criticism,and the national imagination and reflection of modernity permeated in the works,make the discourse recipients see the evolution of cultural context and discourse production mechanism behind the text.The second part divides the evolution of national discourse into discourse subject,discourse content and discourse narrative on the basis of construction.This paper sums up the changes and causes of the national discourse of Mongolian writers' long historical novels in the new period of Inner Mongolia.In essence,it is caused by the social and economic changes,the influence of globalization,and the gradual awakening of the national consciousness of ethnic minority writers.From pandering to the national discourse to cultural consciousness and then to the emergence of the crisis of national identity,the discourse subject of Mongolian literature has undergone a process of evolution.The discourse content and discourse in the novel The change of form highlights the diversified connotation of modernity,which requires literature to pay more attention to the living state of human beings and to understand the subtle feelings of human beings.At the same time,the defects of commercialization in the works should not be ignored.The conclusion reviews the whole thesis and reflects on the Mongolianliterature in the new period of Inner Mongolia as a "discourse phenomenon" :firstly,the Mongolian literature as a cultural discourse does not exist in isolation.It is an indispensable part of the discourse network of the whole minority literature and even the Chinese and world literature.Secondly,the most extensive territory in the history of our country is the struggle of the Mongolian people through literary discourse.We can understand Mongolian historical and cultural tradition more deeply in aesthetic way.Finally,we should pay close attention to and reflect on the cultural ecology and living place of minority literature in China and the world under the background of globalization.
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